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Wire de Coins

Let's fight the giant enemy with the two blades and the wire. [How to play] Let's fire the wire by touching the screen. If an enemy approaches, it will attack with the blade automatically. The game is over life reaches zero. There is the giant enemy at the last of the stage! [About the coin shop] You can shop at the coin shop by co…

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Smash Tennis

Today, I will practice tennis! Tennis tournament will be held next week at my high school. I practice tennis with Takeo who is good tennis player, so I want to show a fine play to Risa - she is madonna and my classmate -, in secret. [How to Play] - Return smash by tapping the screen in a timely manner. - Game will over with mistake 5 times.…

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Download MoneyFarm MoneyFarm icon

Money Farm is a game to gather the money by swiping. ◆ What is Money Farm? ◆ Money Farm is a farm that has been created to make money. You become the owner of the Money Farm, and set up the machine to make money, ore, jewelry, etc. Production volume of money increases when set up the machine, and the amount of money that can be get at one time al…

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Download Jump de Coins Jump de Coins icon
Jump de Coins

Large hole in the bottom of the coin was sleeping ... again! Appeared as early as the sequel of "Falling de coins" coin exhilarating action! ! The man arrived to dive to the bottom of the hole along with the legendary umbrella of one large hole. A large amount of coins had been buried there are far When I looked, It was a dangerous p…

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Download Training the DodgeBall Training the DodgeBall icon
Training the DodgeBall

Dodgeball tournament next week againt class will be held. Today is special training of dodgeball with physical education teacher Mr.Goriroh (32years old, single) to get win and to appeal to Maddonna Mika. [[ how to play ]] * Tap the screen to catch the dodgeball in a timely. * If ending the Hit Point(max 5) is game over. * You can heal if you…

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Download Smash Ping-Pong Smash Ping-Pong icon
Smash Ping-Pong

Today, I will practice table tennis! Sports match against class will be held next week at my high school. I was supposed to be play as a class representative player of table tennis. I want to show a fine play to Aoi who is madonna in my class. Today, I practice table tennis with Yoshio, he is my classmate and captain of table tennis club, in…

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Download Dash de Coins Dash de Coins icon
Dash de Coins

Let's dash at high speed and take the coin in the world. Clear the stage while switching the gravity. [How to play] You take the coin studded while advances the stage. You able to run the ceiling gravity is reversed when you touch the screen. Scrolling becomes slow while continuing pushing the button of a lower left tortoise. Since an upper ri…

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Download Samurai Hadouken Samurai Hadouken icon
Samurai Hadouken

Samurai appeared before the banboo forest.. The samurai is in training. He is concentrate the mind, and pull out the Katana at once, and defeat off the bamboo by the shockwave from Katana. - How to play - 1) Concentrate the mind. 2) Tap the screen and save the power. 3) Swipe straight, quickly as possible. How many bamboos you can defeat!?

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Download Run & Jump Run & Jump icon
Run & Jump

Run at the industrial area in dusk! Let's take stick man far who is running. - How to play - * Jump from building to building by tapping the screen. * If failed to jump to building, stick man will fall down. * You will be able to use "continue" if do something... How far you can go by running on buildings!?

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Download Jump & Sliding Jump & Sliding icon
Jump & Sliding

Run the factory area of early morning! Let's lead stick man to far more. -How to play- * Jump from building to building by tapping the screen. *Sliding by press and hold the screen. *When fall from a building or crush with obstacle from upper, then it's game over. Let's challenge how far stick man will able to run!

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