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Money Farm is a game to gather the money by swiping. ◆ What is Money...

Free | 8.8 15.8K

8.8 Users
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Jump de Coins

Large hole in the bottom of the coin was sleeping ... again! Appeared...

Free | 8 3.1K

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Training the DodgeBall

Let's training of dodgeball at after school! Dodgeball tournamen...

Free | 7.4 2.4K

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Download Wire de Coins Wire de Coins icon

Wire de Coins

Let's fight the giant enemy with the two blades and the wire. [H...

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Smash Tennis

Today, I will practice tennis! Tennis tournament will be held next we...

Free | 7.8 4.4K

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Download Dash de Coins Dash de Coins icon

Dash de Coins

Let's dash at high speed and take the coin in the world. Clear the...

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has topped the rankings in game 1 AppStore iPhone Android is finally c...

Free | 7.2 790

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Run & Jump

Run at the industrial area in dusk! Let's take stick man far who i...

Free | 7.2 2.9K

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Jump & Sliding

Run the factory area of early morning! Let's lead stick man to f...

Free | 6.6 2.7K

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Kick the wall

My name is Kabekeri-Sasuke. Everyone calls me so. I am thief. I can...

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