• Sliding Frog

    Sliding Frog




    A yellow frog lived in wonder forest. One day, yellow frog goes on adventure to see around the world... * How to play * - Yellow frog makes a sliding when tap the screen. - Go on adventure by avoid the clay pipe. Let's avoiding clay pipe, cheer the adventures of frog.

  • Alpaca Ball

    Alpaca Ball




    Alpaca who lined up a lot...And beach ball... The alpacas carries a beach ball. What is the truth? [How to play] Neck of the alpaca is extended when you tap the alpaca. Let's carry a beach ball By extending the neck of alpaca rhythmically. It is game over, when a beach ball falls to a hole,...

  • Snowboard de Coins

    Snowboard de Coins




    Let's get the coins to ride snowboard. [How to play] Let's tilt the device and operate the character. You can jump by tapping the screen. Try to avoid obstacles and enemies to jump. The game is over life reaches zero. [About the coin shop] You can shop at the coin shop by collecting...

  • Run & Jump

    Run & Jump




    Run at the industrial area in dusk! Let's take stick man far who is running. - How to play - * Jump from building to building by tapping the screen. * If failed to jump to building, stick man will fall down. * You will be able to use "continue" if do something... How far you can...

  • Crush Zombie

    Crush Zombie




    Let's crush with the trap the zombies of tricky moves. [How to play] Touch the screen good timing, so you can crush with the trap the zombies. Watch out when miss zombies, life of the trap so would decrease. If you crush the zombie with a heart, life will be full recovery. The zombies...

  • Bouncing Fox

    Bouncing Fox




    Let's take the bouncing fox to the home. [ How To Play ] If the round fox is pulled and detached, it will fly in the direction. Since it will bound if it hits a floor and an obstacle, send to a house, using it well. [ Tips ] Let's use the horn of dragon, if you thinks that the stage is...

  • Samurai Hadouken

    Samurai Hadouken




    Samurai appeared before the banboo forest.. The samurai is in training. He is concentrate the mind, and pull out the Katana at once, and defeat off the bamboo by the shockwave from Katana. - How to play - 1) Concentrate the mind. 2) Tap the screen and save the power. 3) Swipe straight, quickly...

  • Hang Glider de Coins

    Hang Glider de Coins




    Let's get the coins while riding to hang gliding. [How to play] Let's tilt the device and operate the hang glider. You can accelerate if you tap the right half of the screen, And you can deceleration if you tap the left half of the screen. The game is over life reaches zero....

  • Smash Tennis

    Smash Tennis




    Today, I will practice tennis! Tennis tournament will be held next week at my high school. I practice tennis with Takeo who is good tennis player, so I want to show a fine play to Risa - she is madonna and my classmate -, in secret. [How to Play] - Return smash by tapping the screen in a...

  • Climbing de Coins

    Climbing de Coins




    Let's get a coin in the wall of the cliff. Try to avoid dangerous foothold in the multiple jump. [How to play] Let's get a coin while climbing jump the scaffolding of a cliff. You can move scaffolding in the left and right buttons. Jump in the air, you can jump up to 1 times in the...

  • Jump de Coins 3D

    Jump de Coins 3D




    Extra edition of "Jump de Coins" has been released ! Let's get a coin on the stage in 3D ! [How to play] Let's take a coin to operate the hero of the left and right buttons and a jump button! I'm gonna do it game over fall in lava below, there are no physical touching the...

  • tsumininn





    Here comes the great circus game of surreal looking "umininn"! Excite your audience with piling the fallen umininns up as high as you can! Your task is to pile umininns up, and that's it! You can deform umininns, and also can stick them together, your sense of balance and flash...

  • Mighty Birds

    Mighty Birds




    Let's attack to the bad animals which aim at your egg. It can be played easily and can be enjoyed enough. New type "bird" action game! Main character of this game is a bird that are growing eggs. The bad animals in the woods which smelled out the smell of the egg there came in...

  • Dash de Coins

    Dash de Coins




    Let's dash at high speed and take the coin in the world. Clear the stage while switching the gravity. [How to play] You take the coin studded while advances the stage. You able to run the ceiling gravity is reversed when you touch the screen. Scrolling becomes slow while continuing pushing...

  • Kumotobi!





    There was a boy has wonderful power in a small country. The boy rise up from cloud to cloud floating in, at holiday or after school. - How to play - 1) Jump to next upper cloud by touch the screen. 2) Some clouds let him jump 2 steps. 3) It will accumulate 'combo' by jump is...

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