Putting a smile on your face through mobile apps.

With the premise that everyone loves a good laugh, Margeo uses technology to entertain you with hilarious and well crafted software.

  • Tojo Meets Nelly




    Tojo the cat has a lovely life, so why does he feel so lonely? Yet, when he finally gets a new companion - Nelly, he feels anything but lonely! This tale of change, rivalry… and finally friendship, will warm the hearts of those reading or being read to. Features: - Beautifully illustrated to...

  • Tojo & Nelly's Memory Game




    Tojo & Nelly's Memory Game For Kids A must have game for the entire family, based on the book series following the adventures of the two cats, Tojo and Nelly. Develop recognition and cognitive skills while having fun, discover all your favorite characters and compete for high scores with...

  • The Princess and the Pirate


    Tommy and Lilly are the best of cat friends, they live together and go to parties together. They meet fellow fancy dressers Tojo and Nelly too. Friends this close love to dress up together don’t they? Until one day Tommy learns that keeping his best friend happy, may mean a trip out of his...

  • Be Brave Benson


    Benson is one of those big, brave, stripy tom cats. Every neighbourhood has one, they like to be their own boss. There are a few phobias though, that even the bravest brutes can’t overcome. On this journey we see Benson conquering his deepest fears, with a little help from Nelly. Features: -...

  • Old Madam Mischief


    Madame Abigail is so elderly and frail, she seems to be struggling to do the simplest of things! It’s lucky for her that Tojo and Nelly step in, to help her have a most mischievous day. She seems to have the glint back in her eye and a wide furry smile to match. Features: - Beautifully...

  • Wookie the Wonderer


    Wookie the dog has an identity crisis. He feels he has the suave sensitivity of a cat, but yet he sure does like a good bone. Is it possible he could just be a dog that’s a bit cattish? Maybe he’s just a cat loving dog? Tojo and Nelly won’t care either way, when Wookie saves the day! Features:...

  • A Purrfect Reunion


    Lucy is one of life’s ‘thinkers’, she loves to analyse everything and just can’t shake the feeling that someone is missing from her life. This story confronts the challenges of loss and reconciliation, in such a sweet and friendly way. Did Tojo mention he had a sister? Features: - Beautifully...

  • Klaus and the Cat-astrophe


    Klaus is a guard dog by heart and he just loves to guard his master’s art studio. One thing he likes to make sure of is that no one goes near the new paintings! Tojo and Nelly just happened to be passing and curious, as cats are… Features: - Beautifully illustrated to catch the attention -...

  • Construction Shows




    Construction Shows is a business-to-business application for Android for the building and construction sector. It allows industry leaders to stay informed about important events in the construction calendar, such as conferences, exhibitions and trade fairs. In addition, the website highlights...