• Twidere for Twitter

    Twidere for Twitter




    Twidere is a powerful twitter client for Android 1.6+, which gives you a full Holo experience and nearly full Twitter's feature. Twidere is not designed for In order to use "Activity" tab and avoid rate limit, please change your consumer key/secret to official...

  • Twidere Streaming Extension

    Twidere Streaming Extension




    Twidere Streaming Extension

  • Twidere TwitLonger Extension

    Twidere TwitLonger Extension




    See how to configure it in screenshots, for those who said it doesn't work. Don't blame others if you don't know how to use. This extension will only work with Twidere 0.1.5 or higher! If you don't know how to use, ask me on twitter @TwidereProject , remember this is NOT a...

  • Twidere Home Screen Widgets

    Twidere Home Screen Widgets




    Home screen widgets for Twidere (Android 3.0+) This only work with Twidere 0.1.6+, list widgets only work with Twidere 0.1.9 UPDATE1 version!!! This version is for testing purpose and may very buggy, use it at your own risk.

  • Twidere Timescape™ Extension

    Twidere Timescape™ Extension




    This extension will only work with Twidere 0.1.5 or higher and SONY Xperia phones with Android 2.3.3 above! Twidere Timescape™ Extension.

  • Twidere donate Live wallpaper

    Twidere donate Live wallpaper




    Nyan Sakamoto on your home screen! Show some love to Twidere :) You can also find this in Twidere itself. How to find? Guess ;)

  • aNokiCert-Nokia cert installer

    aNokiCert-Nokia cert installer




    Install self-signed certs on Nokia S40 phones. Android port of NokiCert Tested on following devices: Nokia Asha 303 Nokia 7230 Nokia 2330 Classic Nokia 2730 Classic Nokia 6212 Classic Nokia 6233

  • 单词喵喵喵 (某科学的背单词软件)

    单词喵喵喵 (某科学的背单词软件)




    包含英语四级, 六级, 考研, 雅思, 托福, GRE词库,单词有发音以及例句,支持乱序背诵、生词本、辞典等功能,可以自动科学安排新单词的学习以及生词复习过程。 程序保持小清新的风格,无广告,也无需联网。如果有建议欢迎留言评价:) 单词喵喵喵是一个开源软件,代码在 by @ling0322 P.S. 生词本中的单词会在第二天进行复习...

  • Twidere Aviary Launcher

    Twidere Aviary Launcher




    Twidere Aviary Launcher (Image editor) THIS EXTENSION REQUIRES AVIARY IMAGE EDITOR!!!

  • Twidere Twicca Plugin Adapter

    Twidere Twicca Plugin Adapter




    You can use Twicca's some plugins as Twidere's extensions after installed this extension.

  • Twidere Sample Extension

    Twidere Sample Extension




    This extension will only work with Twidere 0.1.5 or higher! Twidere Sample Extension, if you don't know what is it, DO NOT download it. Why this icon? This icon was previously Twidere icon before 0.0.7 version, designed by @ilovinheart!#/ilovinheart

  • SaveAPK Donate

    SaveAPK Donate




    Donate version does not require any additional application! Want to share an application to your friends but it doesn't exist on Google Play Market and you forgot where to download it? This tiny tool may help. You can easily save your installed applications into your SD card without root!...

  • SaveAPK - Save apk w/o root!

    SaveAPK - Save apk w/o root!




    This application will only work with OI File Manager! If you think this application is useful for you, and you want to use a standalone (without OI File Manager) version, you can take a look at SaveAPK Donate, It's only $1.29. Want to share an application to your friends but it doesn't...

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