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    flashME will be your light notification in your Android phone. The flashlight embedded in your device will promptly blink as your phone is ringing, or a new text has been received. Moreover, you can set/unset the flashlight blinking for each different notification event (Facebook or Twitter update, calendar alert, any other apps events). You can de…

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    Download SPoB - Soft Power Button SPoB - Soft Power Button icon
    SPoB - Soft Power Button

    Now you can easily power on your device simply moving your finger over the proximity sensor! You can choose your preferred settings* for SPoB to avoid any annoying situation (like disable SPoB if in landscape mode when texting, if a specific app is executing or if the phone is in a pocket**). SPoB also offers a useful widget that allows you to acti…

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    Download YAMC Memory Cleaner YAMC Memory Cleaner icon
    YAMC Memory Cleaner

    Unlike other apps, YAMC kills running processes as the system does after low memory warning. The exceptions list allows you to select applications you do not wish to have killed by YAMC. Enjoying your smartphone has never been so easier! ### INSTRUCTIONS ### Click on Clean button to free up memory without exit from the app. Click on Yamc! button t…

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    Download Material Compass Material Compass icon
    Material Compass

    Material Compass is a tool to monitor your smartphone's sensors (the actual availability depends on device): - compass, - level, - light, - magnetic field, - pressure, - proximity, - temperature. Material Compass is completely free, no ads or in-app purchases inside the app.

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    Download Blist - Block calls and texts Blist - Block calls and texts icon
    Blist - Block calls and texts

    Blist is the app to block all voice calls and texts* from a black-list of numbers you choose (including private numbers). In addition, you can mute any notification from these numbers and delete them from your call log. For your privacy, you can also hide Blist itself from your launcher. You need to set a secret number to be dialed** to access to…

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    Download Race Trend Race Trend icon
    Race Trend

    How to find out what is really popular on Google? How to discover the trending topic in the web? How to easily check which is the right typing of a word? Race Trend is just the app you need! Type two different words and make the competition start: the app will compare the number of Google results and will show you which is the most popular in the…

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    Download Tivitti Tivitti icon

    Tivitti (in Italian "I saw you") is a card game very popular in Sicily and Calabria. To play, you need 40 cards, 10 each of four suits: cups, coins, swords and clubs. The cards' value is the number of the suite objects shown on the card, or for the face cards: the woman has the value of 8; the horseman has a value of 9; and the king…

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    Download YAMC Memory Cleaner (Premium) YAMC Memory Cleaner (Premium) icon
    YAMC Memory Cleaner (Premium)

    This app is just the License key for YAMC Memory Cleaner. You must also download the free version of the app. IF YOU ARE HAVING LICENSE ISSUES, MAKE SURE YOU HAVE THE LATEST VERSION OF FREE AND THE LATEST LICENSE INSTALLED! PRO version features are: - widget, - no ads, - auto-clean of memory.

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    Download Funlock Funlock icon

    How is your face when you unlock your phone? Funlock will give you an answer. Every time you turn on the screen of your device Funlock will take a selfie using the front camera. You can set up the maximum number of images to store. The gallery can be exported as animated GIF or MP4 video. Have fun with Funlock!

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    Download 2048 2048 icon

    Slide your finger across the screen moving the tiles to merge them together. Every time two tiles with the same number are connected they will be merged into a single tile with a number twice as big… and your score will increase the faster you merge the tiles. Try to get to the 2048th tile and then celebrate your victory. Thanks to the Gramble soc…

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