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Martin Rehder

  • Triominoes





    2 players battle with colored tiles across phones. Each player places tiles in turn on a board. Match the colors on the sides of the tiles already placed on the board to score points. Match multiple edges of a tile for more points or a single edge and an opposing vertex. This is not a speed...

  • GasTrack



    Track your fuel usage for up to 4 vehicles. Shows fuel usage per mile or kilometer. Also shows cost ($, Euro, Pound, Won) per mile or kilometer. Average fuel use, average cost per day as well as projected costs per year for each vehicle based on fuel prices. Each time you fill your vehicle...

  • Left Right Center

    Left Right Center




    a dice game for three or more players, For now, this is just a simple game in which one can see the results of a shake or roll of up to three virtual dice. Play with some friends for dollar bills or have a drink, using this app to roll dice. I haven't put in any notion of player status,...

  • Teacher's Pet

    Teacher's Pet




    Nominated as one of the Best Apps of 2011 in the Teacher app category! Teacher's Pet, a joint development by Fin Madden and Martin Rehder, is a powerful classroom management app that allows a busy teacher to record, edit, store, view and export student...

  • Ulsan Life

    Ulsan Life




    An interactive map of Ulsan's favorite restaurants and bars as reviewed by the folks at An easy way to see what places there are for foreigners to eat and drink in Ulsan, South Korea. Restaurants are pinned in red and bars and nightlife are pinned in yellow. Tap a pin to...

  • ESL Job Search

    ESL Job Search


    Easy Access to the famous job search site, User can create and save searches to make the job search for English as a Second Language (ESL) positions easier and faster.

  • Teacher's Pet Lite

    Teacher's Pet Lite




    Does everything the full version, Teacher's Pet, does except import and export. A powerful classroom management app that allows a busy teacher to record, edit, store, view and export student grades, attendance and behaviors. Four main sections provide access to all functions a teacher...

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