Marvin Apps

  • Bright LED Flashlight




    Bright LED Flashlight + Widget Use your device's LED as a flashlight. A very simple user interface to do the basic thing. Useful and handy when you do not have a flashlight at hand. Has homescreen widget for quick access. Also shows notification when turned on to easily switch off. DOES NOT...

  • Faster Charger




    Faster Charger Tired of waiting for hours for your smartphone's battery to charge. Why waste electricity?Now you can charge faster than before with Faster Charger. This manages the voltage levels on your phone enabling faster charge Upto 15-30% faster than other apps on Google Play. Also...

  • Faster Internet 2X




    Faster Internet 2X Still stuck with your old 2G,3G and 4G speeds. Race ahead with Faster Internet 2X. Increase your internet speed upto 2 times its normal. This app uses special scripts to boost your internet speed. It also improves signal reception Works with both rooted as well as non-rooted...

  • Easter Live Wallpaper




    Easter Live Wallpaper Colorful Easter eggs on your screen. Can also be used as a game. Tap on eggs to score points and make a high score. Features - Change speed of moving eggs - Change direction - Display hit counter on screen - Enable or disable egg cracking sound ....more features coming...

  • Bright LED Flashlight-Screen




    Bright LED Flashlight(SCREEN ONLY) - The Handy Flashlight App. Use your device's LCD screen as a flashlight. A very simple user interface to do the basic thing. Useful for devices that do not have LED flash JUST TOUCH SCREEN TO ACTIVATE IF YOU HAVE ANY MAJOR PROBLEMS PLEASE DO NOT INCLUDE...

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