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  • Numbers Quiz KJV

    Numbers Quiz KJV




    Author – Moses Time – 1,500 – 1,460 B.C. Summary – Numbers s a historical book, whose name refers to the two censuses which were taken to number the people. However, it was known to the Jewish people as "In the Wilderness", because it primarily tells of the rebellion of the Israelites...

  • Deuteronomy Quiz KJV

    Deuteronomy Quiz KJV


    Author – Moses Time – 1460 B.C. Summary – This book is the last of the Pentateuch. Its Greek name means "second law", which was the repetition of the law recorded in Exodus, Leviticus and Numbers. It was given to the nation of Israel on the plains of Moab just prior to their entrance...

  • Exodus Bible Study Quiz KJV

    Exodus Bible Study Quiz KJV




    Author – Moses Time – 1,650 – 1.500 B.C. Summary – The title "Exodus" means "a going out". It records the great numerical growth of the Israelites during their slavery in Egypt. It introduces Moses and records the plagues God brought upon Egypt to secure His people’s release...

  • Leviticus Bible Study Quiz KJV

    Leviticus Bible Study Quiz KJV




    Author – Moses Time – 1,500 B.C. Summary – The third book of the Pentateuch takes its name from one of the 12 sons of Jacob, Levi, whose family was chosen by God to act as priests and assistants in the Tabernacle. The book covers the national and personal laws given by God to the Jewish people...

  • Bible Quiz - Genesis (KJV)

    Bible Quiz - Genesis (KJV)




    Genesis means "Beginning". It is the foundation of the Bible, on which everything is built. The book tells of the Creation followed by the rebellion of our first parents. It then records the growth of wickedness in the earth followed by the flood in which the only human survivors...

  • Bible Quiz - Job (KJV)

    Bible Quiz - Job (KJV)




    The Message of the Book 1. Righteous people suffer unjustly 2. Traditional answers are not always true or appropriate 3. God will tolerate honest questions 4. Sin is not always the cause of evil and suffering 5. God should be served simply because He is God

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