• Connect4





    Connect Four (also known as Captain's Mistress, Four Up, Plot Four, Find Four, Fourplay, Four in a Row and Four in a Line) is a two-player puzzle game in which the players first choose a color and then take turns dropping colored discs from the top into a 7X6 or 9X7 vertically-suspended...

  • Spiders Invade

    Spiders Invade




    Hey friends The game 'Spiders Invade' is a very exciting game.The game itself describes that the spiders are invade on your home wall and drop down on you.You have to save your choose character from the attack / invasion of spiders.Keep one thing in your mind that you have been provided...

  • Multiple Financial Calculators

    Multiple Financial Calculators




    Financial Calculator is all in one multiple finance related term calculator. This includes - Acid Test Ratio Calculator - Annuity Calculator - Annuity Due Present and Future Value Calculator - Break Even Calculator - External Funding Needed (EFN) Calculator - Cash Certificate Issue Price...

  • 3dTicTacToe





    Tic Tac Toe one of the easiest and shortest time consuming game now on the Iphone & pad. It supports one player and two player and against computer game. More ever its 3d and computer 'll not allow you to win so easily... It has a simple interface which one likes to play with. Every time...

  • Reflection Test

    Reflection Test




    Test your reflex with this fun to play game, the faster the better, try to get maximum points in this game. - Improves your agility. - Improves your reflection time. - Improves concentration. - Good for kids to develop concentration. - Great for time pass - Free....

  • Ataxx





    Ataxx (also known by such names as Infection, SlimeWars and Frog Cloning) is a board game.Ataxx is an abstract strategy board game that involves play by two parties on a seven-by-seven(7 X 7) or five-by-five(5 X 5) square grid. The object of the game is to make your pieces constitute a majority...

  • Scientific Calculator

    Scientific Calculator




    Scientific Calculator is an calculator designed with simplicity and usability FEATURES: - octal calculator - binary calculator - hexidecimal calculator - scientific notation - manages history - 1452 device supported...

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