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  • Dr. Dale's Wellness Center


    "I believe that all disease is curable when both the physical and emotional cause is released." Dr. Dale's interest in non-invasive therapies expanded when she was diagnosed with a uterine tumor at 22 years of age. After healing herself using natural methods, she decided to...

  • Carroll Insurance Resource App




    The Carroll Insurance Group has earned Best Practices Top 195 Independent Insurance Brokers out of 37,000 nationally for 11 consecutive years. Why this is important for you is because it means you get the absolute best combination of pricing and protection found nationally for your autos, home,...

  • Ultimate Sandbag Workouts




    Discover the ultimate functional fitness system with The Ultimate Sandbag Core Training System. This innovative and unique approach uses Dynamic Variable Resistance Training, DVRT, which no other training method can duplicate. Join Josh Henkin, the inventor of The Ultimate Sandbag, on 4...

  • Victory Get Fit Club


    Fitness, Fun, and Friendships. Victory Get Fit Club is a community working to improve themselves through exercise, camaraderie, and education. We meet for an hour a day for outdoor/indoor group fitness training. We learn, laugh, live, and love all the way towards our dreams of a happier,...

  • 29 Again Fitness


    Let 29 Again Fitness help you make a change that will really last. The 29 Again Fitness app was developed by world renowned trainer Stephen Holt. Now you can train with him and his students through this app.  Tired of searching all over the net for great training and nutrition advice? The 29...

  • Murray Fitness Solutions




    I have been involved in the martial arts community since 1986 when I began Shidokan Karate, kickboxing, and street tactics training under the tutelage of Shihan Eddie Yoshimura and Bo Medenica. Since that time I have had the opportunity to train in various styles of martial arts including Muay...

  • Burger Bar 419




    Best Burgers in t-Town The ballots are in, the votes accounted for, and we are pleased to announce that Burger Bar was voted "Best Burger" in Toledo Area Parent's Family Favorites competition. So next time the kids are craving a great, juicy burger, skip the fast food and bring...

  • younique Success App




    Are you an IBO? This app is just for you! Get the latest news, training, tips and motivation to build your younique business! younique is the Gold Tribe — a company, a community and a cause. The younique Gold Tribe is committed to helping people everywhere, no matter what their current...

  • Mobile Apps for Small Business




    Over have of your customers are now carry a smart phone with them nearly all day long. By 2013 mobile devices will outsell desktop computers. The evidence is clear, the mobile app revolution is here! Not long ago having an app in the Apple Store or Android Marketplace was only for businesses...

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