Master B

  • Baby Sleep Music (Lullabies)




    Every mom should have it, because: ------------------------------------------ Elaina Asher Works like a charm every time! Love this app! Use it all the time bit it really comes in handy on long car trips. When my son gets cranky I play the noise and if he doesn't fall asleep he just...





    My pillbox (Meds & Pill Reminder) is designed to help you properly track and remind your medications for easy way. Remembering to take your medication, especially if you’re juggling a bunch of them, can be a huge headache. My pillbox reminder let the medicine "visually" to you,...

  • 8.6

    My PillBox(Meds&Pill Reminder)




    My PillBox is a pill reminder not to forget a dose

  • Relax Music & Sleep Cycle




    This is the best and complete application to help you for better sleep, Features ambient sounds of the environment like ocean waves rain storms, flowing streams, fans and more. No more lacking of sleep or insomnia for you! We did big significant improvements for the sleep cycle tracker, It...

  • My Shopping (Grocery) List




    This grocery shopping list application is the easiest one on Google Play. The pick list already prepared for your next shopping plan. It had been classificated and resorted with different colors, you can easily pick it or find it. It is easy to add items to a list, check the item off, and...

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