Master Zangetsu

  • Adventure Crusade


    AdventureCrusade is a new epic game where you train and level up your team of would be adventures taking on bigger and better foes in the search of loot. Be part of the newest game set to take android by storm with this early access Beta. Develop your spelling making, delve deeper into enemy...

  • Magic the Gathering Aid




    Magic the Gathering Aid is a comprehensive Magic The Gathering health, mana and debuff counter. Not only can you keep track of all your important stats during your game but see in real time the progression of the game via generated graphs. Improve your game and tactics the smart way, by...

  • GiGglepics: Music Reviews




    Official App for Features: - Access all your favourite Giggle Pics articles straight from your android device - Download and listen to new Monthly Mix Up releases - Never miss a new update with notification for new Soundcloud downloads - Get in touch or get involved as...

  • Tabletop Gang Roster




    Tabletop Gang Roster is a roster management application. Features •  Full and simple management of your wargames gangs. •  Mobile access to your roster at any time. •  Keep track of members, money, experience, kills and much more. •  Easy to use. •  Manage multiple gangs across multiple games...

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