• Somali Apps

    Somali Apps




    Top rated Somali Apps in Google Play all in one place. Anything outside this list is either not genuine or very dodgy so-be-careful. We will keep updating the list whenever necessary. Application-kan waxaanu ku soo ururinay dhamaan Somali Apps-ka loogu jecel yahay ee ugu heerka sareeya Google...

  • Somaliland Road Race

    Somaliland Road Race




    This App is all about keeping the-momentum-going for raising funds for Somaliland Roads enjoy it. How to Play: Tilt the device (phone) to steer away from the incoming vehicles. The game also includes checkpoints which the player can catch for extra points and a handy boost function for those...

  • Hadraawi





    Mohamed Ibrahim Warsame (Hadraawi) born in Burco-Somaliland in 1943 is a prominent Somali poet and songwriter. He is considered by many to be the greatest living Somali poet, having written many notable protest works. Hadraawi has been likened by some to Shakespeare, and his poetry has been...

  • BBC Somali + VOA

    BBC Somali + VOA




    Listen to Somali BBC & VOA on your mobile phone. Halkan ka dhegayso idaacadaha BBC & VOA ee ku baxa afka soomaaliga aduunka meelkasta oo aad joogtid. Keywords: Somali Radio, Somali News, Somali, Somalia, Somaliland, Somali BBC, Somali VOA.

  • BBC Swahili + VOA

    BBC Swahili + VOA




    Listen to BBC + VOA radio stations in Swahili anywhere you're in the world. Keywords: radio, bbc swahili, voa, kenya, somali, somalia, tanzania, uganda, congo, listeners,

  • Somali Toosh

    Somali Toosh




    Somali Toosh waa Application kuu sahlaya aragtida habaynkii. Flashlight. Sidoo kale kuu tilmaamaya dhinaca aad u socotid ama jihadu (direction) kaa xigto. Keywords: somali,somalia,somaliland,toosh,flashlight,torch,

  • Somaliland News

    Somaliland News




    Wararkii ugu dambeeyay ee Somaliland & Geeska Afrika - Somaliland Latest News & the Horn of Africa. Application-kan kala soco wararkii ugu dambeeyay ee Somaliland iyo dhammaan Geeska Afrika sida, Somalia, Djibouti, Ethiopia iyo Kenya. Keywords: Somaliland, Somalia, Horn Africa, Geeska...

  • Oromo VOA

    Oromo VOA




    ****Very responsive no crashes**** Listen to Oromo Voice of America News easily on your phone or tablet. Please RATE. keywords: oromo,news,voa,radio,voice,ethiopia,addis ababa,oromo new voa.

  • Amharic VOA

    Amharic VOA




    ****Very responsive no crashes**** Listen to Amharic Voice of America News easily on your phone or tablet. Please RATE. keywords: amharic,news,voa,radio,ethiopia,voice,addis ababa,amharic news voa.

  • Somaliland Wallpaper

    Somaliland Wallpaper




    Somaliland Wallpaper. Keywords: Somaliland, somali, photos, gallery, pictures.

  • Somali TV

    Somali TV




    Somali TV App allows you to watch All your Favorite Somali TV Programs all in one place anytime anywhere. Halkan ka daawo dhamaan Barnaamijyada ka baxa TV-yada afka Somaliga ku hadla. Keywords: Somali TV, SomaliTV, Somali, Somaliland, Somalia, Television. Horn Cable, Kalsan, SLNTV, Royaltv,...

  • Somali Jigsaw Puzzles

    Somali Jigsaw Puzzles




    Somali Jigsaw Puzzles with Sound check it out. Cool, Educational & Entertaining. Game-kani waa madadaalo cilmiyaysan isla markaana ku hadlaya Afkaagi Hooyo ee ha moogaanin. Give us your feedback. Fadlan nala wadaag siduu kula yahay App-kani. Waa mahad santihiin. Keywords: somali, native,...

  • Somaliland





    Stay up to date with the latest from Somaliland, Somalia and the rest of Horn of Africa. News feeds from different sources, TV, Videos, Facebook, Twitter and much more. Somaliland Blog: Kala soco wararkii ugu dambeeyay ee Geeska Afrika. Keywords: Somaliland, News, Somalia, Video, Music,...

  • Turkish Alphabet

    Turkish Alphabet




    Turkish ABC for kids with Sound. Keywords: Turkiye, Turkish, Alphabet, Turkish ABC, Kids, Primary, Preschool, Infant, Istanbul, Learn, Teach.

  • Urdu Alphabet

    Urdu Alphabet




    Urdu Alphabet with SOUND for kids of all ages. Keywords: Urdu, Pakistan, Urdu Alphabet, ABCs, Punjapi, Children, Preschool, games, nursery, primary, madrisa, quran, iquran, koran, masjid.

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