Mateusz Dworak, Artur Tworzydlo, Konrad Koniarski

  • Monster Defense Strategy




    Monster Defense is a continuation of addictive fantasy story about Ashrem Kingdom that were attacked by enemies in Castle Defense game. This time you have to defend your medieval castles against undead monsters. Monster Defense introduces several new ideas like upgrading chosen abilities, making...

  • Speedy Troll




    Fast action game with simple but nice graphics. Addictive arcade game. Check how fast are your reactions. Tilt your phone to run left or right to avoid falling balls. Now touch... relax... and sense the big fun you'll experience when playing Speedy Troll. Feel the power! Feel the relaxing...

  • Castle Defense Strategy




    Try our new game: Medieval Empires - full real time strategy for Android. Castle Defense is a medieval tower defense game. The game has dynamic action in over 50 maps with beautiful graphics. Create your own defense strategy to protect the castle from angry enemy hordes. Explore big...

  • 5.0

    Defense Craft Strategy HD Free




    Defense Craft Strategy is a real-time strategy medieval game.

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