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    This Math app “Math Navigation” is for both who loves math and who hates math. Feb. 20, 2015 updated “Distance” in Linear function of Function is added, “Finding circumcenter” in Q and A of Geometry is added. “Equations” in trigonometry of Geometry is added. Matrix section is added. Jan. 21, 2015 updated Euler's formula and taylor series are…

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    This app is for both who hates math and who loves math. The concept is that users "feel" numbers by your calculation about length of number line , x-y field and a side of right triangles several times repeatedly with different numbers. A book or human can't offer the different repeat on a question which can give us chances to see th…

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    Math Mountains

    This Math app "Math mountains" is for experience math from elementary school to college level by 6 stages. There would be no app or books like this kind of learning from elementary school to college level! To see from "higher position" or to see from "different angle" gives us a lot of information. Through this app, u…

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