• money money

    money money




    money money is a simple App designed to track all your money transactions. The App is designed for students, parents, and grand parents. The App gives a simple interface to add income or expense without giving any details. You can view spending pie charts and update transactions with category or...

  • Airport





    About the game: Airport is an implementation of the popular classic game Rush Hour with airport theme. The goal of this game is to takeoff the Airplane from the airport.

  • Spot The Ships

    Spot The Ships




    Spot The Ships is the implementation of the classic guessing game to locate battleships. Your mission is to destroy the enemy battleships before the enemy destroys your battleships. Tap to rotate the battleship. Drag the battleships to move around and to position them.

  • Blackjack XXI

    Blackjack XXI




    The game supports all of the actions allowed in a real blackjack game: hit, stand, split, double down, insurance. You can use up to 8 decks. Back Counting can be used to practice card counting (about 7 popular counting systems are included in the game). Options include whether dealer hits on soft...

  • Math Flash Cards

    Math Flash Cards




    Math Flash Cards by, inc. Activities include:Additions, Subtractions, Multiplications, Divisions, Exponents, Square Roots, and Telling Time. You can use flash cards to practice or test your math speed with timed test. Basic math charts (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and...

  • Cinema Spin

    Cinema Spin




    If you like movie titles, this game is for you. You can solve about 2800 movie titles in this game. The objective of the game is to solve cinema titles and earn as much prize money as possible.

  • Twin Snakes

    Twin Snakes




    Twin Snakes game is like the popular Snake game with a twist. In this game you have two snakes. You get a point for each egg the snakes eat. Tilt your phone OR use control pad OR TAP (whatever is working for you) on the screen to move the red snake. Orange snake always moves in the opposite...

  • Centroid II

    Centroid II




    Centroid is a simple game to stack the falling bricks. The game ends when the bricks cannot balance.

  • Smart Sudoku

    Smart Sudoku




    Sudoku game with lots of options.You can choose an easy 1-3 (easy), 4-6 (medium) or 7-9 (hard) level. You can enter numbers by using the smart number pad. You can choose your favorite color.

  • ColorClip





    The goal of ColorClip game is to clear the board by removing the marbles by selecting 2 or more of the same color.

  • Peg Solitaire

    Peg Solitaire




    You can play classic or triangular boards. You can choose your favorite marble color. You can UNDO a move. Great for timepass. About the game: The objective of this puzzle (classic, triangular, or random) is, making valid moves, to empty the entire board except for a solitary peg.

  • Color Drops

    Color Drops




    The objective of the game is to catch as many color drops as possible. The game ends when you miss 10 color drops (you can change this value using menu->settings).

  • Lights Out

    Lights Out




    The aim of Lights Out puzzle is to switch all the lights off, preferably in as few button presses as possible. Selecting one of the lights will toggle it and the four lights adjacent to it (i.e. left, right, top and bottom) on and off. (Diagonal neighbors are not affected.)

  • Puzzle XV

    Puzzle XV




    Puzzle XV is an implementation of popular 15 puzzle and jigsaw puzzle. Your goal is to place the pieces in order by TAPPING puzzle pieces that use the empty space to move.

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