Matt Duss

  • Basketball stats




    This application will help you count stats during a basketball match. Usage : - manage multiple teams - count all the stats for all the players playing the game - display a summary with all the players of the team - data export in CSV, XML and HTM format - log a shooting chart for each player...

  • Pregnancy weeks




    By entering your last menstruation date and impregnation date, you'll be able to know your pregnancy weeks. You'll also see the due date and how many pregnancy days are left.

  • Quick Position Save




    This app will help you saving easily and quickly your GPS location, while you are walking, or driving, to use it at home or send it to a friend. It will be really useful to save the location of a noticable place, to send your location to a friend, or to save a POI location. Don't hesitate to...

  • OpenTTD Toolbox




    OpenTTD Toolbox is a small app designed to help you when you play Open TTD. It will help you to manage stations and vehicles, and will provide you a distance calculation tool, really useful when you buy limited-ranged aircrafts. You will also be able to manage your vehicles' orders.

  • Medicine cabinet




    Don't be surprised anymore by your pills expiration date ! We all have one lost some time searching for pills that were used a long time ago or which the expiration date has passed. This application will help you managing your medecine cabinet: - create and edit medicine - create a...

  • My Music Playlist Creator




    You like to listen to custom audio playlists? Your audio player only uses M3U playlists, and doesn't generate them by itself? Your playlists are often deleted? This application helps you creating your custom playlists easily. It will help you : - creating custom playlists easily by selecting...

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