Matt Schmidt

  • PinDroid




    A client app for the Pinboard bookmarking service. "Simple and functional, just like Pinboard itself." - Eduard G. "One of the best functioning apps I've used This is an app that just feels well thought out. Works as advertised. Does its job. Has a nice widget too." -...

  • PinDroid Read Later




    Standalone app to add the read later share target for PinDroid. Only needed for HTC Sense 4+ (Jelly Bean) devices that only display one share target per app in the stock HTC apps. *** Requires the main PinDroid app to be installed *** Released under GPL v3. Source at...

  • DeliciousDroid




    A client app for the Delicious bookmarking service. ************* With the Delicious relaunch, many old features of Delicious have been removed or changed. Many of these changes have not been reflected in the API, so at the moment, there's nothing I can do as far as fixing DeliciousDroid....

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