Matthew Jordan

  • Raydiuz





    Raydiuz is a simple but addictive timing based game. A selector spins around a circle with colored segments. You have to be touching the screen whenever the selector is over green, but if you touch the screen when the selector is over red, it's game over! What seems easy at first becomes more...

  • Smiling Snowman Wallpaper Free

    Smiling Snowman Wallpaper Free




    The Smiling Snowman Live Wallpaper is a beautiful, simple live wallpaper that is sure to bring a smile to your face every time you unlock your phone! With the handsome snowman drawn by artist Stephanie Cary immersed in a customizable snowstorm, you can represent the winter and holiday season on...

  • Smiling Snowman Live Wallpaper

    Smiling Snowman Live Wallpaper




    //------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is the donation version of the Smiling Snowman Live Wallpaper. This version has no ads, and will have additional functionality in the near future....

  • Asterrids





    Asterrids is a single player arcade style game in which you direct a blue player through a field of oncoming red and green "asterrids". The red asterrids will take a life when hit, but the green asterrids give you extra points! Additionally, for every red asterrid that makes its way off...

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