Matthew Precious

  • Don't Forget The Cake




    Get birthday reminders you care about with Don't Forget The Cake. Cake reminds you when an important birthday is coming up. Unlike Facebook, it tracks only your phone contacts so you won't be spammed with useless reminders. When it's somebody's birthday, Cake will notify you and...

  • Priority SMS




    If you've ever missed an important message then Priority SMS is for you! Specify keywords and/or contacts and Priority SMS will trigger an alarm when a new message arrives containing the keyword. Set the keyword to "emergency" to set off an alarm whenever "emergency" is in...

  • NotiSync




    NotiSync is a very simple application that allows you to forward notifications from one device to another! Never miss another text message or phone call while you're on your tablet. Whether your phone is in your pocket or in another room, NotiSync will make sure you're notified. Try it...

  • Location Notifier




    Set a destination, and Location Notifier will notify you when you get close! Location Notifier can also send an SMS message as you approach! If your transit system isn't yet supported by Google Maps, you can use Location Notifier to notify you when your bus stop is approaching. For long...

  • SMS Time Fix




    SMS Time Fix was built to solve one problem: receiving text messages with incorrect times. For me, this was caused by using an unlocked Telus phone on Rogers. For others, this is about roaming on Sprint. Whatever the reason may be, if you receive messages with the incorrect time, SMS Time Fix...

  • SMS Time Fix (Donate)




    This is the donate version. Please contribute to support the future development of this app. I haven't needed this app since before V2 was released, so every update I release is for you :) I picked an amount that seemed to be common. If you'd like to donate less (or more?), there's a...

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