Matthew Rice

  • Voice Text




    Text by voice with Voice Text! Voice Text allows you to send and receive text messages by voice. Automatically have new text messages read allowed and respond hands free! Customize the voice commands and make Voice Text yours. The goal of Voice Text is to give you an easy and simple way to send...

  • My TV Shows Tablet Edition




    My TV Shows helps you keep track of all your favorite TV shows so you don't miss a thing! A great tool to manage YOUR favorite shows by day of the week. Adding new shows is as easy as a few clicks of a button. Create notification reminders! Sort shows by day, time, rating, and more! Find a...

  • 6.5

    My TV Shows Ad-Free




    Schedule air dates of your favorite TV shows and get notifications

  • 6.5

    My TV Shows




    Schedule air dates of your favorite TV shows and get notifications

  • Audio Control Lite




    Audio Control provides an amazing and unique volume management experience. Audio Control has 5 components: Profiles, Schedules, Exceptions, Quick and custom Vibration. Each provides a unique way to control how your phone sounds and behaves. A complete tutorial with screenshots and videos can...

  • Speakerphone Control




    ★ Separate Speakerphone Volume Control ★ Auto Speakerphone ★ Positional Speakerphone X 2 ★ Proximity Speakerphone ★ 5 Widgets Speakerphone Volume Control - A simple tool that allows you to control the speakerphone volume without any effort. When the speakerphone is turned on the volume will...

  • Pep Talk




    Pep Talk is a great way to feed your ego. Create a few Pep Talks, add a homescreen widget and keep motivated throughout the day. Add spiritual messages, reminders, favorite quotes, or anything else and Pep Talk will display those messages throughout your day. Just create a few "Pep...

  • Child Lie Detector




    Many times parents know when their child is lying. When a child is confronted they lie again to get out of being caught. This application is designed to teach your child that they can no longer get away with lying. Child lie detector is designed to help you, the parent, teach your child that...

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