Mauro Giordano

  • My Bookstore




    This program gives the possibility to create a list of books to remember. With this application is possible: •insert, modify, delete a book •scan ISBN on book and get data with google book service •have a list of all books •look details of each book •have a summary of all inserted...

  • Quiz




    This quiz app consists on 1100 english questions, more than 1500 italian questions, more than 1300 spanish questions divided into 11 categories of 100 or more quiz. Total 4000+ quiz! Rules: the questions are random and score will be: ★ +3 points for correct answer without suggestions ★ +1 point...

  • ERI Lite




    ERI (English Russian Italian) is a program to learn some easy words in three languages. This demo version contains 16 categories and approximately 160 words. You can insert max 20 words in your personal category in this demo version. Categories: animals, colors, family, food, human body,...

  • Cryptstory IT




    Storie, aneddoti, aforismi, frasi famose da decifrare di filosofi, poeti, scrittori (Einstein, Aristotele, Cartesio, Epicuro, Shakespeare ed altri ancora), raccolte in un'unica app. È il classico sistema degli aneddoti cifrati: ai numeri bisogna associare delle lettere così da formare la...

  • Cryptstory EN




    Stories, anecdotes, famous quotes to decipher, all in one app. They are cryptograms to decipher: assign letters to numbers to complete the story. This version is only in English language. ★ Simple ★ Free ★ Good for recreation * Ad-supported - Internet for banner to support developer. Tested...

  • Code




    This program gives the possibility to know key-concepts of most common programming languages. In this case will be planned for each language: •examples of variable's declaration •"If - then - else" statement •"For" statement •"Do Loop" statement •...

  • Free Word




    Identify the correct words typing the letters. Rules: ★ For an easy word will be 1 point. ★ For an difficult word will be 2 points. ★ If there will be a mistake, the program decreases the current score of 1 point. ★ Maximum score: 1.000.000 Send your score online and try to be the best of 20...

  • ERI


    ERI (English Russian Italian) is a program to learn some easy words in three languages. This version contains more than 1000 words in different categories. You can insert 50 words in your personal category. In the "Preferences" you can also choose the best view for the words....

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