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Tool Box (Free)

It's essential 24 utility tools using device's hardware and sensors. Max tool series are already downloaded more then 3 million times in Android Market world wide. in Tool Box... - Compass - Leveler - Length measuring tools - Protractor - Vibrometer - Magnetic field Detector - Altimeter - Tracker - Heart Rate Monitor - Decibel Meter - Fl…

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Compass & Level

It is a application that Compass & Leveler package using sensors on device. Simple and easy to use application. No more asking to other when you locating plant pot direction or hanging a picture frame on a wall. Main Function. - Various Design : It has various kind of Compass design. - Indicate Current rocation at Compass Mode. - Chan…

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Max Flash(Flash Light)

It's Flash Light(torch) App. for lighten darkness. It just satisfies basic flash light function. However, if you find your Glasses in the darkness, it will help you. drag up and down : set brightness drag left and right : change color(white, R, G, B) double click the screen : On and Off Flicker Mode. Setup Menu : Set External Flash as pos…

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D-Day Counter & Memo Widget

What is Max D-Day Counter & Memo Widget? It is Widget applications that to display simple memo, remaining or past date on the Home screen. Main Function. - In Common 1) Easy to check on your Home screen. 2) A realistic preview. 3) Various background and text color settings. 4) Selectable background shape. - D-Day Counter 1) No time delay…

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Max Roulette

It is application that suggest a solution in the selection. Main Function 1. Max 16 selectable panel. 2. Easy Input with finger draw. Instruction 1. Change the number of roulette by '+', '-' button. 2. Select cell of roulette. 3. Input at dialog by finger. 4. Press 'Start' button for rotate roulette. 5. After roulette st…

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Max Magnetic Field Detector

It is metal detecting and measuring Magnetic Field App. around handset device. Main Function. Metal Detector : If there is metallic goods around device, notice with sound, vibrate, and screen color. Magnetic Field Meter : Measure intensity of Magnetic field around device. Instruction. Metal Detector. - Move device around metallic goods, soun…

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Download Max Unit Converter Max Unit Converter icon
Max Unit Converter

It is easy to use Unit Converter application using wheel view controller. Main Function 1. Essential 16 Units. 2. Easy to use. 3. Favorites. 4. SWAP Left and Right unit. 5. 11 Digits. 6. Support for display of negative value. Instruction 1. Select the desired unit. 2. Using the numeric keypad to enter values ​​on the left wheel. 3. Turn the whe…

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Max Protractor

It is application for measuring angle with various method. Main Function 1. Various measuring method : Gravity Sensor, Camera, Touch, Magnetic Sensor etc. 2. Calibration : Calibration function makes easy and accurate measure when measuring angle with sensor. Instruction 1. Plumb Mode 1) Set device in parallel to the baseline of the measuring…

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Max Measure

It is application for measuring length and distance with various method. Main Function 1. Various measuring method : Gravity Sensor, Camera, Touch screen and Acceleration Sensor. 2. Calibration : Calibration function makes easy and accurate measure when measuring angle with sensor. Instruction 1. Ruler Mode 1) Use screen ruler as normal rule…

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Max Vibrometer

It is Vibrometer Application using acceleration sensor on device. Main Function. 1. x-y plane graph and time graph mode. 2. Auto Scaling mode. 3. Origin reset, Hold and more. Instruction. 1. Put your Device on a flat and horizontal surface. 2. Click Max Vibrometer icon for starting application. 3. Click Scale button for changing graph scale. 4.…

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