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Drawing Note

Draw anything on the screen. You can change the color and width of the pen. Store your drawings in your SD card.

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KoKoMe Webcall is a voice talk app client. Users need no accounts to make voice calls. You can call to an IVR or desktop phone with KoKoMe on the Internet to save phone call cost. With KoKoMe, customers on the Internet can talk to you in PC, Android or IOS. KoKoMe server can be integrated with traditional telephony system. KoKoMe Webcall supports…

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KoKoRadio service integrates ROIP, VOIP and IP-PBX, it provides variety communication service for radio. To use KoKoRadio service, a KoKoRadio Server and a ROIP Gateway is required. Features: •We provide Mobile App for communiction between mobile device and radio. •IP-PBX can be integrated for communiction between IP phone and radio. •Groups for…

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Larzio is a communication App and works like a walkie-talkie. Users can simply push-to-talk(PTT) to communicate with each others. Each time you talk, the voice will be recorded in your phone. Larzio can work with real walkie-talkies. Larzio users can PTT to communicate with a real walkie-talkie user througn an RoIP(Radio over IP) Gateway.

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