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  • KoKoRadio




    KoKoRadio service integrates ROIP, VOIP and IP-PBX, it provides variety communication service for radio. To use KoKoRadio service, a KoKoRadio Server and a ROIP Gateway is required. Features: •We provide Mobile App for communiction between mobile device and radio. •IP-PBX can be integrated for...

  • KoKoMeeting




    KoKoMeeting is a software product to provide audio and video conference meeting service. After creating service accounts by service administrators from web interface, users can use the app to host and management a meeting....

  • Drawing Note




    Draw anything on the screen. You can change the color and width of the pen. Store your drawings in your SD card.

  • KoKoMe




    KoKoMe Webcall is a voice talk app client. Users need no accounts to make voice calls. You can call to an IVR or desktop phone with KoKoMe on the Internet to save phone call cost. With KoKoMe, customers on the Internet can talk to you in PC, Android or IOS. KoKoMe server can be integrated with...

  • 保肝冷笑話




    保肝冷笑話 《下載說明》 1. 本程式內容改編自台大醫學院內科教授許金川所著《遠離肝苦很簡單》一書(圓神出版),版權屬於肝病防治學術基金會。 2. 本程式有「撥打免費保肝諮詢電話」的功能,由專業護理師提供相關衛教諮詢,幫助您保護肝、照顧肝。 3. 查詢更多肝病知識,請上好心肝全球資訊網 。 4. 醫學知識生硬又嚴肅,所以我們嚐試以幽默詼諧的笑話,來說明肝病醫學知識。為了表示對醫學的尊敬,切記,不許笑太大聲!謝謝。 1. The content of the program was rewritten from the book...

  • 愛肝你我他




    1.本程式內容經由台大醫院粘曉菁醫師及亞東醫院翁孟慈醫師審稿,版權屬於肝病防治學術基金會,提供正確的肝病醫學知識,幫助您更加了解自己的肝。 2.如欲查詢更多更深入的肝病知識,請上好心肝全球資訊網 。 1. The copyright of the program belongs to the "Liver Disease Prevention & Treatment Research Foundation". 2. Provide knowledge about liver disease, and help you...

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