• Medication




    This is a simple but very useful program that will allow you not to miss a reception medications or vitamins during your illness. In spite of its simplicity, it makes very important thing: recalls the need to take medication. Functions: - Flexible scheduling of medication. - A convenient display...

  • MedicationPro plugin




    Pro version is available! Additional features: - Support profiles. - Journal of medication. - Monitoring of medical stocks. *** Attention! This is the only plug-in. You must install the basic version of the application "Medication". ***

  • Protect It Free




    Basic version with advertisement. Humanity is in danger! A new deadly virus! The research team was created to study it. With the latest developments, they have created an organic ship and loaded it into the human body. This could be a new blockbuster, but everything is much easier and fun! This...

  • Card Trick




    Release prepared especially for the April Fools' Day! !!! TOP-SECRET !!! The program is designed to scan the mind of the subject. Without special equipment has low sensitivity. Subject or group of subjects should be a strong focus on the item to scan. At the moment, the program can work...

  • Random Card Generator




    Simple random card generator. Draw a line on the screen to generate the card.

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