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  • Thermodynamics Starter




    A starter quiz to revise Fundamentals Of Thermodynamics with answers/hints. It is a warm-up for aspirants of GATE as well. Full version including topics for GATE 2013 will be published shortly. Also Coming soon! A Quiz in Heat Transfer !!...

  • Road Signs




    A fun test and gallery of road signs commonly seen in the United States, an important part of the Driver's License Test in any state.

  • NJ Driver's License Prep




    This is still in Beta version. Some errors corrected in this update. We appreciate your feedback.

  • Heat Transfer Starter




    A Quiz sampler to help relearn and quiz oneself in Fundamentals Of Heat Transfer. It is also a preparatory ground for GATE.

  • Elections




    This app is a cool way to gauge how many people exercised their vote in 2008 US elections. It presents a pie chart when you click on the US map. Soon to be updated for 2012 data. Currently a Beta version. Feedback welcome.

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