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  • Thermodynamics Starter




    A starter quiz to revise Fundamentals Of Thermodynamics with answers/hints. It is a warm-up for aspirants of GATE as well. Full version including topics for GATE 2013 will be published shortly. Also Coming soon! A Quiz in Heat Transfer !!...

  • Road Signs




    A fun test and gallery of road signs commonly seen in the United States, an important part of the Driver's License Test in any state.

  • NJ Driver's License Prep




    This is still in Beta version. Some errors corrected in this update. We appreciate your feedback.

  • Heat Transfer Starter




    A Quiz sampler to help relearn and quiz oneself in Fundamentals Of Heat Transfer. It is also a preparatory ground for GATE.

  • Elections




    This app is a cool way to gauge how many people exercised their vote in 2008 US elections. It presents a pie chart when you click on the US map. Soon to be updated for 2012 data. Currently a Beta version. Feedback welcome.

  • Emacs Level1




    This application gives an easy means to practise Emacs Editor commands offline. It facilitates the user to come up with answers to most frequently used commands. Ideally suited for Emacs beginners. Feedback welcome. Currently available in Beta Version. Soon to be updated..

  • US Citizenship Prep en español




    Prepare for U.S. Citizenship Interview using this "fun to learn" app. It enhances learning in preparation mode. It has a puzzle-lke test mode with timer and score that makes you come back to it again and again. Seniors have a separate section. Check it out!

  • American Citizenship Prep


    This app adapts a new style to prepare you for US Naturalization Interview. A timer and separate section for seniors is yet another attraction. Check it out!

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