• Raasi Palan - Tamil Astrology




    Rasi Palan is a "Tamil" astrology forecasting app for Tamil people around the globe and beyond. It'll bring you instant updates related to your "Raasi"... We are committed to provide you with weekly and monthly forecast but sometimes things might go out of hand and update...

  • Kantha Sasti Kavasam




    NO INTERNET NECESSARY - This app will work without an active internet connection and you will have to just download the app. You'll get HD audio of the Kantha Sashti Kavasam with this awesome app. Please keep your ratings and feedbacks coming. Kantha sasti kavasam (aka Kantha Sashti Kavasam...

  • Tamil News - Tamil Seithigal




    Tamil News (aka Tamil Seithigal) is a Tamil app which brings you upto date latest news from various Tamil news sources online. Please note that as you swipe through the tabs, new news items will be loaded. This app is currently under active development and expect more advance features soon.

  • Eelathu Sirukathaikal




    Eelathu Sirukathaikal is a collection of Tamil stories written by Mayooresan. You can read and enjoy the stories for free using this app. ஈழத்துச் சிறுகதைகள் மயூரேசனினால் எழுதப்பட்ட சிறுகதைகளின் தொகுப்பாகும். செயலியில் உள்ள சிறுகதைகள் உங்களிற்குப் பிடித்திருந்தால் அதனை நன்கொடை கொடுத்தும்...

  • Songi Boy




    Songi boy is a casual game for casual gamers. Game is still under active development so please feel free to drop your comments to Game Play Rules Songi Boy is the hero you gonna play in this game. Avoid colliding with any objects that come across your path. Following objects are...

  • Colombo Phone Guide




    New : Now you can register as new user and keep your favourite numbers in cloud. No matter which device you login, you'll get your favourite numbers. If you are planning to visit Sri Lanka, then this app is a must for you. This app brings you some of the most necessary numbers to survive in...

  • Lankan Holidays 2013




    Now you can check the list of holidays available in Sri Lanka for the year 2013. Now you know your holiday in advance and on the move. Feedback is greatly appreciated to improve the app.

  • Kids Weight and Height




    You might be worried about your kid’s weight or height. Here an App for you to quickly find out the height and weight of the kids under the age of 12 for both male and female gender. This application is small and light weight and will work swiftly on entry level devices too. The details shown...

  • US Airport Status




    You can use this app to retrieve the current status of the US Airports including delay information and weather. You should know the Airport code of the airport that you are trying to check. You may find the list of US Airport codes at PS: This...

  • Libiyap Puratchi




    This is a simple Tamil Android application that lists the timeline of Libyan civil war. லிபிய புரட்சியின் பின்னர் நடைபெற்ற நிகழ்வுகளை அட்டவணைப்படுத்தும் ஒரு தமிழ் செயலி இது. பெங்காசியில் புரட்சித் தீ பரவியதில் இருந்து கடாபி வீழ்த்தபட்டடமை வரையான நிகழ்வுகளை திகதி வாரியாக அட்டவணைப் படுத்துகின்றது...

  • Lankan Holidays 2012




    Now you can check the list of holidays available in Sri Lanka for the year 2012. Now you know your holiday in advance and on the move. Feed back will be considered to improve the application.

  • Dog Food Tips




    This is a simple plain application gives you an overall understanding of the Dog's food according to their age. As you can see this is a very basic application but I'm intended to add more features to this application such as setting up alarm for the meal time of your Dog. This project...

  • Berlin Suvar - Kaala Attavanai




    This is a Tamil Android app useful for History lovers especially those who want to know about the fall of German and how the Berlin divided into pieces by USA and USSR. This app brings you interesting relevant images and caption with time line. வரலாற்றுப் பிரியர்களுக்கான ஒரு தமிழ் அன்ரொயிட்...

  • Lankan Holidays 2011




    This app shows the list of holidays offered in Sri Lanka by the government for the year 2011. Now you know your holiday in advance and on the move. This small light weight app is dedicated to my dearest friend Ashokbaran. (

  • Japaniya Thaakuthal




    This is a educational app for Tamil History lovers. This app tells you the story of Japs' Attack on Ceylon (currently known as Sri Lanka) This app is a Tamil app. WARNING: This might not work in Android 2.1 due to known bug with android browser. இலங்கையில் ஜப்பானியர்கள் நடத்திய தாக்குதல்...

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