McAfee Mobile Security

  • McAfee Family Protection




    Do you ever wonder what your kids are browsing on the Internet? Do you want to keep them from looking at inappropriate content? Now you can have Parental Control over the content that kids browse. McAfee Family Protection provides parental control and filters websites by categories such as...

  • McAfee Security Innovations




    Get early access to cool new security and productivity tools in beta from McAfee. McAfee® Mobile Innovations provides you with an opportunity to try out groundbreaking new features and to give us feedback on how to improve them…or ditch them altogether. The list of features will grow and evolve...

  • McAfee VPN Client




    McAfee® VPN Client provides a secure remote connection to your company network. Strong encryption prevents eavesdropping and modification of the traffic. McAfee VPN Client enables easy and secure remote access to private networks where McAfee® Next Generation Firewall is used as a VPN gateway....

  • Fake ID Detector




    Fake ID is an Android vulnerability that allows applications to impersonate other applications by copying their identity that can then be used for malicious purposes. Allows for malicious apps to impersonate other applications by copying their identity – their digital certificate(s) used to...

  • McAfee Secure Container




    Before you install: You’ll need McAfee Enterprise Mobility Management v10.2 or above to run this app. Talk to your IT department. You’d love to use your Android smart phone or tablet for business, but it’s not always as simple as tap and go. Confidential corporate data and email needs to remain...

  • McAfee EMM




    The McAfee Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution simplifies connecting a user's Android device to existing enterprise IT services such as email, VPN and Wi-Fi access.

  • McAfee Heartbleed Detector




    What does McAfee Heartbleed Detector do? This app determines if your device or any apps installed on your device are affected by the Heartbleed bug. What is Heartbleed? Heartbleed isn’t a virus, it’s a mistake in OpenSSL — a security standard that encrypts communications between you, the user,...

  • McAfee Personal Locker




    Secure sensitive documents using face verification with McAfee Personal Locker. NOTE: This product is only for users who have already downloaded and purchased McAfee LiveSafe service. If you’re interested, please visit Why you should use it •Safely, store sensitive...

  • McAfee Endpoint Assistant




    McAfee Endpoint Assistant is a free application that works only in conjunction with McAfee Drive Encryption 7.1 . Please check with your IT department for applicability. The McAfee Endpoint Assistant application simplifies the process of recovering a lost or forgotten password for your...

  • McAfee SafeKey




    Never forget your passwords again with McAfee SafeKey password manager. NOTE: McAfee SafeKey is only for users who have already downloaded and purchased McAfee LiveSafe or McAfee All Access. If you’re interested, please visit Why you should use it •...

  • McAfee Dialer Protection




    McAfee Dialer Protection keeps you safe from a known vulnerability that could potentially wipe your entire mobile device back to factory default settings, meaning your settings, contacts, photos, videos, apps will be lost. The operating system your smartphone is running may be vulnerable to...

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