McElroy Manufacturing, Inc.

  • McCalc®




    The McElroy McCalc® calculates fusion parameters based on industry standards and specifications for McElroy hydraulic fusion machines. Select from a list of McElroy fusion machines and fusion standards, then enter pipe size, wall thickness and drag pressure. Tap the "Calculate" button...

  • Fintube Calculator




    The McElroy Critical Fintube data application. Calculate Finned OD, Strip Width, Fin Tip Thickness, and weights of fin material all from your Android phone or tablet.

  • Fintube Animations




    A collection of McElroy Fintube's animations to help educate on the types of finned tube, as well as the use of McElroy equipment.

  • McElroy Animations




    A collection of McElroy's Animations to help understand the basics of pipe fusion, as well as product specific information.

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