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Md. Waliul Islam Mondal

  • SkyOcean Dialer

    SkyOcean Dialer




    Mobile dialer

  • Nahida Express

    Nahida Express




    Mobile dialer for android.

  • PICmicro simulator & assembler

    PICmicro simulator & assembler




    Using this assembler and simulator, you can assemble and simulate your asm project for almost all 8 bit micro-controllers from microchip. This software supports almost all (nearly 200) micro-controllers of PIC10xx, PIC12xx and PIC16xx series. You can compile and simulate most of...

  • Smooth Dialer

    Smooth Dialer




    We provide mobile dialer and hosted vpn tunnel (or byte saver) solution in rental package. You can use this dialer from any country (even, where voip is blocked) using our hosted vpn tunnel (byte saver) solution. Please remember, we don't sell minutes. And, you cannot use this dialer...

  • Bangla 2 English Dictionary

    Bangla 2 English Dictionary




    This free version shows ad from airpush. You can buy the ad-free version from the following link: ** You can search bangla by phonetic spelling. So, you should not use bangla keyboard for this app. 1. Bangla to english search with...

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