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  • Fake stun gun




    Prank your friends by telling them you just bought a stun gun ! The rendering is very realistic : sound, vibration and flash ! ☆ Usage : - Use the proximity sensor to activate the stun gun near your friend, it's crazy ! - Touch the gun to activate and deactivate it ☆ Features : - The...

  • Air horn




    ★ Air Horn ★ is a funny app which helps you surprise your friends! With this application you can play several different sounds including: - Air horn - Horn of brown - Cucaracha - Vuvuzela - Police siren - Fire brigade - Ambulance - Nuclear Alarm - Cat sound - And much more ! ☆ Available features...

  • Tic-Tac-Toe




    ★ Tic Tac Toe ★ is an old anthology game. You will play in order to be the best player in the world ! ☆ Available features : - 1 player versus computer - 2 players - Game history - High quality sounds - Hi quality design - Re-start button - Undo button - Help button ☆ Coming soon: - 2 players...

  • Steamy windows




    Steamy Windows is a funny app that simulate steam on your screen ! Write a message to your girlfriend, draw something and send it to your friends. ☆ Features: - Select Background - Select Steamy style - Shake or turn your phone to clean the screen - Blow into the microphone to add back hot...

  • Fake hammer




    Ever wanted to be a judge ? Ever wanted to give fair decisions ? Or maybe you just want people to evacuate the room ? This funny app is for you ! Prank your friends by telling them you are a judge, or a baby judge ! ☆ Features : - Many hammer - Different songs - Shake to make it sound - Touch...

  • Fake spraycan




    Ever wanted to tag a wall ? You never did it because it's not legal ? Or maybe you did it but want to stop it, but you are still addicted ? This funny app is for you ! Prank your friends by telling them you can tag anything ! ☆ Features : - many sprayer (more soon) - Different songs...

  • Toilet paper




    Feel bored when you are sitting in the toilet? is there too much pressure in you ? Here is a simple way to release your pressure ! It's a very addictive game that gives you a funny hand exercise by dragging off a roll of toilet paper. Unroll it, Drag it, as fast as you can to finish it !...

  • Shot screen




    Prank your friends by telling them that your screen has a problem : it has a bullet in it ! ☆ Usage : - Touch, long touch or shake to fake a shot on the screen. - Reverse your phone to clean the screen from fake shots. ☆ Features: - Many sounds - Many images - Many settings - Many improvements...

  • Electric shaver




    No more hairdresser, this shaver is a funny joke that you can use to surprise your friends. The rendering is very realistic, and the buzzer sounds are used to fool your friends! Use the proximity sensor to activate and deactivate the electric shaver near your face, it's crazy ! ☆ Features -...

  • Saber of light




    ★ Saber of light ★ is a saber simulation. Use it for fun and battles ! ☆ Awesome features : - Single sabers - Dual sabers - Flashlights when you hit another saber - Change the background (many images including camera for augmented reality) - Forces (more informations below) - Highly...

  • Magic ball




    Prank your friends by telling them you have a ★ Magic ball ★ that can answer all your questions ! Ask any question whose answer is yes or no, concentrate, shake the ball and an answer will appear. The answers are randomly chosen, but you would be surprise how much it's sometimes so true !...

  • Binoculars




    Turn your phone into wonderful ★ Bincoulars ★ ! You want to see something closer ? Look at animals from distance ? These accurate and precise binoculars will make you see the things in a different way ! ☆ Available features : - Zoom - Multiple kind of binoculars - User friendly interactions ☆...

  • Fingerprint lock screen




    Prank your friend by telling them that you can unlock your phone using a fingerprint scanner ! ☆ Available features : - Easy to use and very intuitive - Enable / disable the scanner lock screen - Beautiful animations - Sounds - Vibrations - Device background - Turn phone to toggle access grant...

  • Whoopee cushion ( fart )




    Prank your friends or just have fun listening to the different fart sounds. ☆ Usage : - Touch it - Shake it - Talk to it - Approach it - Make a fart bomb using timer - Remove ads for free ! (one day only) The sound effect is very realistic which make the fart very funny for everyone ! You can...

  • Service bell




    Imagine you arrive at a hotel and there is no waiter is taking your luggages. Open this app, put it on the desktop and ring the bell : Maybe someone will be coming for you ! ☆ Easy to use : - Choose a bell - Click the bell And that's all : You have now all attention you needed, all...

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