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  • Air horn

    Air horn




    ★ Air Horn ★ is a funny app which helps you surprise your friends! With this application you can play several different sounds including: - Air horn - Horn of brown - Cucaracha - Vuvuzela - Police siren - Fire brigade - Ambulance - Nuclear Alarm - And much more ! ☆ Available features : - Save...

  • Coin Flip

    Coin Flip




    Probably the best Coin Flip on Android ! You have to take a decision between 2 choices and have no coin ? You are a magician who doesn't have a double-face or double-head coin ? This app is for you ! - Select the coin of a country - Make it flip by different gestures - Change the background...

  • Fake call

    Fake call




    Fake call is a fantastic app which allow you to trick your friends and your family in many ways : - Want to get out of awkward situations ? - Want to trick your friends ? - Want to get a serious alibi for a specific moment ? This fake call app includes : - Call screen choice ( depending on...

  • Taser stun gun

    Taser stun gun




    Probably the best virutal taser on Android! This taser is a funny joke that you can use to prank your friends. The rendering is very realistic : sound, vibration and flash ! Use the proximity sensor to activate and deactivate the taser near your friend, it's crazy ! You can set many...

  • Binoculars





    Turn your phone into wonderful ★ Bincoulars ★ ! You want to see something closer ? Spy on your neighbors ? Look at animals from distance ? These accurate and precise binoculars will make you see the tings in a different way ! ☆ Available features : - Zoom - Multiple kind of binoculars - User...

  • Bubble wrap

    Bubble wrap




    Bubble wrap is a funny game in which you can pop the bubbles ! This game is for everyone and every ages. Pop the bubbles as fast as you can and beat the highscores ! You are very much stressed about something ? try the infinite bubbles game ! Enjoy ! If you like this application, please click...

  • Fake spraycan

    Fake spraycan




    Ever wanted to tag a wall ? You never did it because it's not legal ? Or maybe you did it but want to stop it, but you are still addicted ? This funny app is for you ! Prank your friends by telling them you can tag anything ! Features : - many sprayer (more soon) - Different songs (depends...

  • Fake lie detector

    Fake lie detector




    Is he lying to you ? Is she telling the truth ? With this app, you can detect when your friends or family is lying ! Lie dector is one of the best detector on the market, it has a lot of features ! Prank you friends by telling then that you can detect if they are lying to you or not ! you can...

  • Steamy windows

    Steamy windows




    Steamy Windows is a funny app that will make your phone steamy ! Wipe off the steam which covers the screen with your fingers. Write a message to your girlfriend, draw something and send it to your friends. Features: - Select Background - Select Steamy style - Shake or turn your phone to clean...

  • The whip

    The whip




    The Whip will bring you epic laughing times ! Features : - Whip by click - Whip by shake - Sensitivity control - Vibration control This ultimate tool let you : - Whip to motivate - Whip to dominate - Whip to be feared trainer - Whip to prank - Whip to show you are the boss - Whip to be...

  • Electric shaver

    Electric shaver




    Probably the best electric razor virtual Android! No more hairdresser, this shaver is a funny joke that you can use to surprise your friends. The rendering is very realistic, and the buzzer sounds are used to fool your friends! Use the proximity sensor to activate and deactivate the electric...

  • Whoopee cushion ( fart )

    Whoopee cushion ( fart )




    Sureley one of the best whoopee cushion of the Android market. You can play tricks to your friends or just having fun listening to the differents fart sounds. There are several ways to make the whoopee cushion fart : - just touch it - shake it - talk to it - approach it - make a fart bomb using...

  • Fake hammer

    Fake hammer




    Ever wanted to be a judge ? Ever wanted to give fair decisions ? Or maybe you just wanted make evacuate the room ? This funny app is for you ! Prank your friends by telling them you are a judge... Features : - Many hammer - Different songs - Shake to make it sound - Touch to make it sound -...

  • Broken screen

    Broken screen




    The screen is cracked a very nice application as a joke to his friends! Start the application, play with and clean the screen again and again! Use the sensors to make your screen crack. Tell your friends that your screen has a problem : the lcd is broken ! Benefits: - Many sounds - Many images...

  • Russian roulette

    Russian roulette




    Feeling lucky ? Try now the russian roulette alone or with friends ( unlimited ) ! Provoke your friends on the russian roulette : the last player "alive" is the winner ! You can even organize competitions or duels ! Feature included : - Realistic animations - User friendly interface -...

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