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Download Air horn Air horn icon

Air horn

★ Air Horn ★ is a funny app which helps you surprise your friends! Wit...

Free | 7.8 25.4K

7.8 Users
Download Russian roulette Russian roulette icon

Russian roulette

Feeling lucky ? Try now the russian roulette alone or with friends ( u...

Free | 8.6 17.1K

8.6 Users
Download Fingerprint lock screen Fingerprint lock screen icon

Fingerprint lock screen

Prank your friend by telling them that you can unlock your phone using...

Free | 7.8 15.6K

7.8 Users
Download Fake call Fake call icon

Fake call

Fake call lets you create fake incoming, outgoing and missed calls.

Free | 6 13.6K

6 Expert
Download Cracked screen Cracked screen icon

Cracked screen

Prank your friends by telling them your screen is cracked ! Start the...

Free | 8.6 4.9K

8.6 Users
Download Magic ball Magic ball icon

Magic ball

Prank your friends by telling them you have a ★ Magic ball ★ that can...

Free | 8.4 4K

8.4 Users
Download Coin Flip Coin Flip icon

Coin Flip

You have to take a decision and have no coin ? You are a magician who...

Free | 8 3.5K

8 Users
Download Whoopee cushion (fart-machine) Whoopee cushion (fart-machine) icon

Whoopee cushion (fart-machine)

Prank your friends or just have fun listening to the different fart so...

Free | 8.6 1.6K

8.6 Users
Download Electric shaver Electric shaver icon

Electric shaver

No more hairdresser, this shaver is a funny joke that you can use to s...

Free | 8 1.5K

8 Users
Download Service bell Service bell icon

Service bell

Imagine you arrive at a hotel and there is no waiter is taking your lu...

Free | 7.6 1.5K

7.6 Users
Download The whip The whip icon

The whip

Prank your friends by telling them you have a whip in your pocket ! Th...

Free | 8.4 909

8.4 Users
Download Fake stun gun Fake stun gun icon

Fake stun gun

Prank your friends by telling them you just bought a stun gun ! The re...

Free | 7.4 890

7.4 Users

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