• GCodePrintr - The 3D Print App

    GCodePrintr - The 3D Print App




    Control your 3D printer from your favourite Android device and print 3D objects *3D Printing from any Android device - PC less printing *Connect to a printer using USB OTG/Host port *Supports wireless printing over Bluetooth *Load your own gcode file and start a real print from your Android...

  • GCodeTouch3D *Beta*

    GCodeTouch3D *Beta*


    Paint the first layer with your fingers and print it out on your 3D printer (live). You can paint one layer and let the App add additional layers on top to make the object higher, Let your kids paint and print something ! (Be carefull, never let your kids alone with the 3D printer) Current...

  • GCodeSimulator (Free)

    GCodeSimulator (Free)




    This application can visualize Gcodes and simulate a real 3D print. The App is able to show how your print will look like, allowing you to check how your print should turn out, making it easier to spot errors and fix them instead of wasting filament. Its also good to learn and understand how 3D...

  • GCodePrintr lite - 3D Printing

    GCodePrintr lite - 3D Printing


    Control your 3D printer from your favourite Android device and send gcodes to the printer. This is a version of GcodePrintr with a reduced feature set. it allows you to control a real 3D printer using USB-OTG cable but without any visualization and simulation of the print. ********************...

  • Halloween Shooter

    Halloween Shooter




    Halloween style shooter game. Be fast and hit the target but do not miss to often.

  • Ad-free Torch

    Ad-free Torch




    Ad Free Version is a simple flash light app for your Android device. Its uses the camera flash LED. It does not work on devices without flash LED. This app does not require any special permissions other than Camera and Flash access. It does NOT require Internet access as most other flashlight...

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