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  • Smart Places Checkin




    Facebook check-in is quick, beautiful and even automatic with Smart Places Checkin. * Check-in to Facebook with just 2 clicks from your home screen with the 1x1 widget. Optionally tag friends. * Draw zones on the map where you check-in automatically to any Facebook places of your choice (like...

  • Smart Places Checkin Key




    Unlock the full potential of Smart Places, the highest-rated Android check-in app for Facebook, with this premium key. IMPORTANT: The free version of Smart Places is required, so get it first if you haven't already! You'll get access to the following cool premium features: * Priority...

  • ScratchDown




    The aim of the game is to scratch and guess a hidden picture. Your scratch allowance decreases as the game progresses. Less scratching = higher score. Best with fast Internet for on the fly pic download (from Themed add-ons available; ad-free with one or more.

  • ScratchDown: Geography




    Do you know your geography? This Geography add-on to ScratchDown lets you scratch-and-guess hidden outline maps of American states & world countries. Fun way to learn geography or challenge your skills through play! Requires ScratchDown (free) to be installed (see "View more...

  • Count!




    Can you Count!? Find out by playing this fun, simple and addictive game. The aim is to count a number of objects within a given time limit. While easy at first, later stages require and develop approximate counting skills. Global leaderboards and challenges via Scoreloop. Ad-supported....

  • ScratchDown: Premium Photos




    This Premium Photos add-on to ScratchDown lets you scratch & guess 110 high-quality pictures by Ros Marvin, carefully grouped to really keep you guessing. Can also be used as a fun way to learn English vocabulary through play! Requires ScratchDown (free) to be installed. v1.1: move to...

  • ScratchDown: Money


    Do you know your arithmetic? This Money add-on to ScratchDown lets you scratch-and-guess a combined value of 4 hidden Euro coins or notes. Fun way for children to learn mental arithmetic. Also requires logical thinking. Requires ScratchDown (free) to be installed (see "View more...

  • ScratchDown: Custom




    Do you know your Flickr photos? This Custom add-on to ScratchDown lets you create your own scratch-and-guess games with photos from Flickr. Just provide user name, group name and/or tags. A whole new experience of viewing your own and others' photos through play! Requires ScratchDown...

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