Medical Joyworks

  • Explain Medicine




    Explain Medicine is a quick reference for medical professionals. If you are a practicing physician, the articles should provide a rapid refresher; if you are a student, you will very likely find them to be great for rapid revision. All facts are directly backed up by a citation to either a...

  • Prognosis : Rheumatology




    Prognosis: Rheumatology is brought to you by the creators of Prognosis: Your Diagnosis, the #1 free medical app. Explore 16 varied clinical cases based on actual patients and update your knowledge on the latest therapeutic guidelines. The clinical cases and discussions have been reviewed by...

  • Prognosis : Diabetes




    Prognosis: Diabetes is designed to bring you the latest therapeutic guidelines regarding the management of Diabetes Mellitus and its associated complications. This app explores 15 different topics, from Gestational Diabetes to Maturity Onset Diabetes of the Young and complications such as...

  • Prognosis : STD




    From the creators of Prognosis : Your Diagnosis - the #1 free medical app, comes Prognosis : STD - in the same simple and fun case based format. Prognosis : STD contains 15 cases covering the major sexually transmitted diseases in the field of clinical venereology - from HIV to Gonorrhoea to...

  • Prognosis : Respiratory




    Challenge yourself with the varied clinical presentations of pulmonary disease via the clinical cases brought to you by Prognosis : Respiratory. All 24 clinical cases are based on real-life patients and transport the user through the history and examination, in addition to a variety of...

  • Prognosis : Neurology




    Deduce interesting clinical presentations of neurological disease, challenge your clinical acumen, and update your knowledge within minutes by using Prognosis: Neurology. This mobile app has been designed for busy physicians, neurology residents, medical students and other healthcare...

  • Prognosis : Infectious Disease




    Challenge your knowledge on the diagnosis and management of infectious disease. Refresh your memory about tropical diseases, travel medicine, and the pandemic influenzas that threaten the entire world. Prognosis: Infectious Diseases is brought to you by the creators of Prognosis: Your Diagnosis...

  • Prognosis : Cardiology




    Test your knowledge of cardiology with our collection of 37 clinical cases based on real-life patients. Gain important insights into new management options and rare presentations of cardiac disease within 2-3 minutes. Follow the progress of the patient through investigations and therapeutic...

  • Prognosis : Emergency Medicine




    Experience the adrenaline rush of managing trauma while waiting on your coffee. Make life saving decisions in between patient consultations. Prognosis: Emergency Medicine allows you to test your decision making skills in a risk-free environment while sharpening your clinical knowledge. The...

  • Prognosis : Your Diagnosis




    Test out your decision making skills in a risk-free environment. Assess your clinical knowledge on the go. Learn about diseases within minutes. Designed with busy physicians in mind, Prognosis: Your Diagnosis presents an engaging series of clinical case scenarios which assess the decision...

  • Clinical Sense




    From the creators of the popular "Prognosis : Your Diagnosis", comes the refreshingly different, “Clinical Sense”. As every clinician knows, decision making is the trickiest part of medicine. Everyone expects you to make 'perfect' decisions - but even after years of medical...

  • Prognosis : Questions




    Prognosis : Questions - the newest app from the creators of Prognosis : Your Diagnosis, the widely acclaimed medical app with 1,500,000 downloads ! Imagine this scenario: you are a doctor or a nurse working in a ward or studying for an exam. Suddenly you come across a clinical question which...

  • Prognosis : Hematology




    Prognosis : Hematology offers a selection of cases which will challenge your knowledge of hematology, and test your clinical acumen as you work your way from Hodgkin's lymphoma to Waldenström's Macroglobulinaemia. Each case scenario is designed to be navigated in a matter of minutes, and...

  • Prognosis : Psychiatry




    Prognosis : Psychiatry presents a collection of intriguing cases which will challenge and hone your psychiatric deduction skills. Each case scenario contains a comprehensive discussion of the diagnostic reasoning involved, and also conveys facts important in the day to day management of such...

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