Medieval Software

  • 7.0

    Bluetooth File Transfer




    Bluetooth File Transfer overcomes the default Android bluetooth by allowing to share more files and formats

  • GIF Image Animator




    This GIF viewer allows you to open any type of Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) file even with errors or extremely huge. You can control the animation speed, toggle checkerboard background on/off, enable/disable anti-aliasing (for pixel art stuff), force hardware accelerated rendering and view...

  • Dual File Manager XT




    Complete and easy file manager for files and folders, with dual page view for fast transfers. Dual explorer allows you to easily browse and manage the SD card. FEATURES> * 3rd party applications can open (or pick) files from sdcard using this package like attachment, music, pictures or any...

  • CASTLE File Manager




    Hello banana!

  • Medieval Licensing System




    This program will remove advertising from **ALL** the applications developed by "Medieval Software", currently composed by: - CASTLE File Manager (version 0.50 ALPHA or above) - Bluetooth File Transfer (version 5.30 or above) - Dual File Manager XT (version 1.50 or above) NOTE - it...

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