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Free Meditation - Take a Break

★ Take a break now and let your stress melt away! ★ Medically reviewed and selected for "Best Meditation Apps of 2014" by HEALTHLINE.COM. You can enjoy the deep relaxation, stress relief and benefits of meditation now without prior experience. Take a Break has been developed by Richard and Mary Maddux, creators of the popular Meditat…

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Relax and Rest Meditations

Enjoy the deep relaxation, stress relief and benefits of meditation without prior experience. Now upgraded to include all the features of the original popular iPhone version. Three meditations of varying lengths allow you to relax deeply regardless of how much time you have available to meditate. Written Meditation Tips help support your experience…

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Walking Meditations

RECOMMENDED BY THE HUFFINGTON POST! Enjoy the benefits of meditation as you walk! Walking meditation can be just as profound as sitting meditation. It brings the meditative experience into daily activity. Walking meditation is perfect for those who have trouble sitting still to meditate. For those who enjoy sitting meditations, walking meditation…

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At Ease Anxiety & Worry Relief

"A Must Have! I have suffered with very bad anxiety for years and this app has been a wonderful help." --rallylou, app user This application by Meditation Oasis™ contains a unique approach to relieving anxiety and worry which combines voice-guided breathing meditations, exercises and journaling. At Ease is intended to make deep and lasti…

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Attunement Music Therapy

"I truly love the music in this app. I've sleeping better, relaxing better and have been feeling more at peace with myself in a very long time. I suffer with chronic pain and I truly feel that your app has helped me through some of my tougher moments. As a yoga teacher I would like my students to experience what I have." ---recent fee…

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Learn to Meditate 5 Wk Course

"I find your course to be a wonderful and peaceful experience. Thank you for making learning to meditate so easy to understand. I used to worry that I wasn't 'doing it right' because my mind would wander but your materials have made me realize that this is a normal part of meditation." -- Joanne The Meditation Oasis® Learn to…

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Luminescence Visual Meditation

★ Enjoy relaxing, uplifting visual meditations with the Luminescence app by Meditation Oasis™. Each "show" is a magical sequence of individual images that gradually morph from image to image to create a deeply moving mystical "movie". Experience the combination of Barry Steven's amazing mandala images and Richard Maddux…

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Breathe & Relax

Feel better right away with this easy, enjoyable program by Meditation Oasis™. The Breathe & Relax app will help you develop the habit of breathing in a natural, relaxed way throughout the day. Experience stress relief, relaxation and more energy with three simple tools: 1 - BREATHING EXERCISE -- This simple voice-guided exercise will help you…

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