• Zombie Alien Hunter VR




    Zombie Alien Hunter VR is a virtually reality zombie shooter. Requires a VR headset such as Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear, Durovis Dive and a GamePad to control movement and shooting.

  • Ultra Force




    Ultra Force is a vertical scrolling old school bullet hell shooter driven by your own music. Pilot your starcraft over 64 levels with procedural generated enemies so every mission is a unique challenge. Collect the green credits that the space invaders drop to upgrade your starfighter. The...

  • Super Goalie Defense




    Super Goalie Defense - World Cup Tim Howard Edition Defend your goal as team usa goalkeeper Tim Howard. Save as many shots as you can in this free world cup football goalie game. Starring USA Tim Howard, Brazil's Neymar, Germany's Ozil, Nederland's Robben and Argentina's...

  • Dont Get Bit By Suarez




    Luis Suarez is at it again at the brazil world cup 2014! Biting opposition to prevent them from scoring. In "Don't Get Bit By Suarez" you play a footballer that must avoid Luis' deadly chompers. Don't be like Italian Giorgio Chiellini and get caught out by Suarez's...

  • Flying Banana Monkey




    Evil Dr.Palubol has sent his deadly robots to earth to steal all the bananas. Only monkey can retrieve the bananas to bring peace and stability to the world. Help monkey travel the globe in this fun platform adventure to find all the bananas. Collect them in their correct order to obtain the...

  • Chaser X




    Chaser X is an addicting game of speed and accuracy. Simply tap the colored tiles to see how far you can get. Chaser X is a more colorful version of don't step on the white tile., don't tap the white tile. Features Swarm leader boards for global high score comparison. Brought to you...

  • 7 Numbers (countdown)




    7 numbers is a minimalist maths game where the goal is to combine numbers to reach the target. 7 numbers is an addictive Maths puzzler that will give you a real maths workout. Drag numbers onto others to create the total sum. Use the mathematical operators +, -, * and / to create the total...

  • Hexel




    Hexel is a colourful fast reaction tunnel game. Avoid the barriers as they progressively get faster and faster. Compete with the world using global leader boards! free to play, minimal ads, inspired by classic falldown and super hexagon.

  • Tapology




    Tap to survive the distance. free game for fans of flappy bird - Features SWARM Global Leaderboards

  • SpellCaster




    Destroy the orbs by using 'swipe' actions to cast magic spells. Tip: move your finger over the empty stars to color them yellow. Then 'swipe' in any direction to fire the spell towards the orbs.

  • Santa's Sleigh Ride




    santa's sleigh ride is a christmas themed platform game where the player takes the role of santa. Santa must avoid the various christmas obstacles to complete each level and deliver the gifts to the children of the world.

  • Dark Path (memory maze)




    Dark Path is memory maze game where you must find the exit in a certain amount of time. However, only one room of the maze is shown at anyone time. A map of the maze is shown. Memorise it. Reach the exit before the time runs out. Use 'Fling' gesture in any direction to move....

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