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  • Jewel Tale

    Jewel Tale




    Just tap away – no more swapping gems. More fun and strategic – an exciting new test for jewel masters everywhere. Help the princess rescue her kidnapped brother at the hands of an evil darkness! Match 4 or more to smash your way through 10 increasingly challenging stages. (4 Free to Play) An...

  • Dancing Cats Live Wallpaper

    Dancing Cats Live Wallpaper




    Cute dancing cats that you can touch, now for your wallpaper. Designed for: Verizon Droid / Motorola Milestone. Results may vary with other phones.

  • Marimo Virtual Pet

    Marimo Virtual Pet




    A virtual pet to keep and to love! Will you make it grow? Or will you keep it small? The choice is yours. Take it with you everywhere you go. Track your stats, health, size and more. Save and share pictures with your friends. Collect free coins as your pet grows through stages. Reward your pet...

  • Dancing Cat

    Dancing Cat




    Cute dancing cats that you can touch, drag, or shake. Fat free, Guilt free distraction from the office. * Special Wallpaper version now available - see "View More Applications" below. Really Free - No Ads Designed for: Verizon Droid / Motorola Milestone. Results may vary with other...

  • Bluetooth GPS License

    Bluetooth GPS License




    Unlocks Bluetooth GPS for unlimited usage. Simply purchase this license key, then close and reopen the Bluetooth GPS app. Market may require internet after 2 days to permanently unlock Bluetooth GPS. Must have Bluetooth GPS version 1.05c or newer installed. Email for support, comments ignored...

  • Bluetooth GPS Output

    Bluetooth GPS Output




    Transform your GPS enabled Android phone into a fully functional Bluetooth GPS NMEA SPP Slave for your laptop w/Bluetooth or other Bluetooth device. 10 min/run limit in free mode. Tested to work with: ☆Garmin MobilePC ☆MS Streets & Trips ☆inSSIDer WiFi Scanner ☆Many more! See website for...

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