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  • Xmas Gift Collector




    Xmas Gift Collector is an entertaining and addictive action game, which would attract game lovers of all ages. During the game play, Santa will drop attractive gifts. All you need to do is, collect as many gifts, as you can without getting in contact with the bombs dropped by the witch, at the...

  • Goods Order Inventory Pro




    Goods Order Inventory System (GOIS) – Pro Goods Order Inventory System (GOIS) – Pro is an all-encompassing integrated inventory management application with user friendly mobile and web interface. This app is useful for individuals and small businesses to manage and track their Purchase and Sales...

  • Goods Order Inventory System




    ******** CLOUD VERSION GOIS PRO IS RELEASED AND AVAILABLE ON GOOGLE PLAY ******** Goods Order Inventory System (GOIS) is mobile application for individuals and small businesses to manage and track their Orders, Inventory,...

  • Word Search +




    Word Search + is a word puzzle game where the player has to find and strike words that are listed at the bottom of the screen in the puzzle. The words can be stricken out in the jumble horizontally, vertically and diagonally, both forward and backward. Word Search + can be played in five...

  • Memory Pro HD




    Memory Pro HD is a maths based game created to challenge kids’ analytical skills. The game includes innumerable equations that have to be completed by inserting the correct mathematical symbol within the stipulated time. The winner will complete highest number of problems correctly within one...

  • Manage Your Calls Free




    Manage your calls is an application presented to you by MetaOption, LLC. It is an application made for the convenience of our users. The objective of this application is to automatically receive incoming calls, reduce the effort spent by the user to receive call by sliding out the receiver every...

  • Guess the Pic - PictoMania




    Think you can handle the Pictomania challenge? Reveal the pics and guess the word!!! Guess the Pic – Pictomania is a challenging game where the player needs to guess the picture, hidden behind the square tiles. You need to break the tiles one by one to guess the picture. Once you are sure with...

  • BoxTower3D




    Tower Box 3D is an entertaining stacking game which will keep you busy for extra long hours. You will develop a zeal towards the game from your first play. This game boasts three different themes: Animals, Fruits and Alphabets. During the play, boxes will appear swinging on a chain and the player...

  • Word Search Doodle




    Word Search Doodle is an exciting, mind-boggling game that leaves no room for boredom as you will be lost in the world of amazing words that augments your vocabulary intelligence and sharpens your spelling skills. While you get to select time frame through “Free Play” or “Time Attack” option,...

  • Forest Fun




    ★★★★ FOREST FUN ★★★★ Recommended Age: 4 Years + Forest Fun is an addictive, Fast-paced, Mind-concentration Puzzle game that anyone can pick up and play, and enjoy. Your goal is to match more and more animal pairs and send them to their happy home before it is dark. The more Animal pairs you...

  • Security Pro Free




    ►►►► Security Pro Free ◀◀◀◀◀ Security Pro is a comprehensive utility mobile application for Android, loaded with conventional features for user handiness. It will provide you with plenty of features that will enhance the security of your device as well as your own good self. Key Features • A...

  • Find The Hidden Number




    Find the Hidden number is an addictive puzzle game, where the player needs to search numbers hidden in the vibrant graphics on the play screen. This game packs 15 exciting levels with a fresh graphic in every level. The game becomes difficult and interesting with every new level. At the top of...

  • EggPop Lite




    ★★★★★ EggPOP ★★★★★ Recommended Age: 4 Years + You play this game as cook McWolf, a day dreamer wolf from Stone Age. He dreams of becoming the world’s greatest chef. He believes in a theory that if he can collect all kinds of eggs that are present in the world and make dishes by mixing them, he...

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