• Stink Bugs

    Stink Bugs


    Stink bugs are active throughout most of the United States. Generally found in the garden, stink bugs will find their way into homes and structures when fall evenings start to turn cold. This app provides detailed information about the appearance and life-cycle of Stink Bugs. Learn how to...

  • Green Tips!

    Green Tips!


    The Green Tips! App brings thousands of useful environmental tips to your Android device. The guide provides often detailed suggestions with steps you can take to help the environment. Included are sustainable techniques to save energy at home, ways to reduce gas consumption, the particulars...

  • Dispensary Finder!

    Dispensary Finder!




    Locate brick-and-mortal dispensaries, delivery services, and online businesses. Dispensary Finder's huge database is searchable by GPS location or by address. All vendors contained in the app were verified by the developer and had to be in business for at least one year. The database is...

  • Nuclear Warfare Handbook

    Nuclear Warfare Handbook




    This Android App contains a nuclear weapon blast simulator, a comprehensive military encyclopedia, and even a nuke weapons recognition quiz focused on evolving nuclear warfare concepts in the post-World War II world. If you want to be able to distinguish a DF-31 from a Trident II, Nuclear...

  • Tweet Stats Utility

    Tweet Stats Utility


    Everyone who visits Twitter can see the top two or three trending hashtags on the home page. But TweetStats lets you drill down deeper than that, giving you access to rich, real-time data on topics, users, language, geotagging, and more. Search by keywords, hashtags, or users, and filter your...

  • Car HUD Pro

    Car HUD Pro


    Car HUD Pro provides realtime driving information such as Speed, Elevation, and Gas/Fuel Efficiency through both a normal On-Screen mode and a Projected HUD mode. ****** Features ******* 1. HUD Mode which projects data onto your car's windshield so you can see it in the dark. 2. Accurate...

  • Safety Light

    Safety Light


    Now you can make it official. The multi-purpose Safety Light App is a simple tool offering different types of illumination on your phone: LED, Radial, and Flash lights. Change the colors and flashing speeds of the lights, and enjoy a variety of ways to keep yourself out of the dark. Plus, why...

  • Animal Repeller

    Animal Repeller




    The Animal Repeller App provides 400 square feet of ultrasonic pest free zone. Wherever you may venture, you can rest assured that you've got a humane, low-cost, effective, and environmentally sound solution to pests. The Ultrasonic Animal Repeller will work on dogs, cats, deer, raccoon,...

  • Truth or Dare

    Truth or Dare


    Truth or Dare is a fun spin the bottle game for your Android device. Place your device in the middle of a circle of friends, tap "Spin it!", and see who gets the bottleneck. Then that person must choose to answer a difficult question or perform a funny dare. If you choose Truth, you...

  • The Volume Calculator Tool

    The Volume Calculator Tool


    Features include support for ten different shapes, fast calculations, volume/surface area formulas, and 3D shape graphics. With Volume Calculator, you can calculate the volume and surface area of a cube, rectangular prism, cylinder, general prism, sphere, ellipsoid, square pyramid, right circular...

  • Security Alarm!

    Security Alarm!


    This burglar alarm emits a harsh siren to deter theft. It can be set to activate by motion or by touching the screen. When triggered, your device emits realistic siren sounds. Alarm cannot be shut off by simply pressing Home/Menu/Back buttons. Security Alarm! is battery efficient. Rest assured...

  • The Rat Race!

    The Rat Race!




    For the cynic at heart, Rat Race is a game depicting modern life and corporate society in a text-based, dark-comedy adventure. Average Joe, a brash young man just out of college, enters the corporate workforce. Landing that awesome job and ready to work hard to secure his future and place within...

  • Kitchen Timer Tool

    Kitchen Timer Tool


    Kitchen Timer Tool is a graphical timer app used to easily handle multiple cooking times for your stove tops and oven. Create wonderful dishes without risking a forgetful moment and burning your food. This intuitive app will display critical cooking timer info at a glance. Never lose track of a...

  • World Military Submarines

    World Military Submarines


    ****** Features ******* • Submarines Handbook with over 250 operationally deployed military subs from the American Civil War to the Present day. The handbook is differentiated into easy to find sections such as SSK, SSN, SSBN, SSGN, and Special mission submarines. • Sort the Submarines by...

  • Concrete Estimator Tool

    Concrete Estimator Tool


    Need a tool for that contract job you're working on. Plug in details like Unit Cost in yards or meters, and the length, width, thickness, and quantity of slabs you'll need, and you can estimate the volume in yards and meters and the cost of the concrete you'll need. Estimate the price...

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