• Animal Quiz




    Animal Quiz, an exciting free puzzle game specially for kids. It is at the same time interactive and educational where children can enhance their knowledge about animal kingdom. Also helps growing kids to develop and test their memory power. It will be a fun time for them playing this game with...

  • Hair Style Changer




    Hairstyle app enables you to check out what you would look like with different types of hairstyles by trying on different hairstyles and hair colors on your own photo. You can also use this app to look for new hairstyle and make sure it suits you.This app gives you different hairstyles of both...

  • Super Car Racing 3D




    Get the 3D racing experience with Super Car Racing and drive the coolest cars, not only do you drive these cool cars but also get to choose different type of unique theme based tracks with different difficulty levels you want to race at. By tapping the car you can check out the car and have full...

  • Liga India Penalty Flicker




    Liga India Penalty Flicker gives you the most entertaining football experience,you get to shoot the penalty goal and get to see the replay of yourself shooting the ball with the most impressive and realistic graphics. Firstly, you can choose your favorite team from the Indian Football...

  • Paper Flick




    Paper flick is a great way for time pass if you are feeling bored or just not in the mood to work, just turn on paper flick and see how many paper balls you can score in the basket. There are three scenes available the office scene, the bathroom and godown scenes, switch the scene to your liking...

  • Football Live score & News




    Want to get the latest scores of your favorite football teams from England , just download new "Football Live Score & News App". This app provides information about England based premium soccer leagues's fixture, news, live score, standing and many more.

  • Currency Converter




    Are you constantly searching for rates of exchange online? If the answer is yes then Currency Converter by should be your app of choice. The app is a state of the art currency exchange calculator freely available for download. With the currency converter, conversion of currency...

  • All Time Cricket Match Score




    we have got a brand new cricket app available for all the cricket fans out there. With This 'All time Cricket Match Score" you will be able to keep tracks of all the cricket events and every details of the matches played since 1902 to the present day. When you open the app you will get...

  • Maths for Kids




    maths for kids is designed to help children learn and practice math,
Ease, pleasure and fun to improve learning abilities.children can Practice addition , subtraction, division, multiplication as well as using puzzle game they can grow their math skill up to confident level. No repeat question...

  • SQL Quick Reference




    SQL Reference will help you to understand the basics of SQL and become familiar with the advanced level. Content of the handbook is divided into three categories: - Basics - Advanced - Functions The description of each function includes some examples with comments. Reference is also shown major...

  • Home Inventory




    Home Inventory is a good app for real-estate investor as well as individual for track of their property,insurance ,asset valuation etc etc . It's a very user friendly application with all kind pdf report generation facility . real-estate inventory tracker , home inventory tracker,home...

  • Clay Discs Hunt




    Classic clay Hunt shooting game with realistic graphics and nice bg sounds. Clay Hunt is the most realistic clay shooting game available. In three different game modes you'll have to learn to handle a shotgun like an expert and hit rapidly flying targets from varying angles!





    What about some crazy mustache makeover. It’s wonderful to see how your family members, friends or who ever you prefer, look like with a mustache and sunglass added to their face. Funny Mustache Makeover is an entertaining and funny application for android users. It is very stylish, simple and...

  • Candy club




    Switch and match the candies to find your way through this delicious candy town. There are numbers of candy clubs to visit which consist of different levels, there are special candy clubs that gives you special Power up Boosters you can use these power up boosters if you encounter with several...

  • Cricket live score App




    T20 World cup fixture , T20 World cup schedule ,T20 World cup live score cricket live score app get latest cricket score, get past cricket score. cricket past series score , multiple series cricket live score. ICC WORLD TWENTY20 update , T20 update,Women's Cricket World Cup Get Live...

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