Support YDT devices. Add equipment support way of serial number. Support streaming media service To retain the traditional IP/domain access method.

  • DvrSeeSee




    Preview through WIFI or GPRS(except the proxy network,e.g.:cmwap) Support multi channels and multi devices view in real time at same time. Support the maximization of single channel display Support dynamic IP address and domain name access ( can't contain http:// in address) Support PTZ...

  • 365SECU



  • QVeye


    QVeye Have independent user account management, real-time preview, equipment management, remote playback, alarm management, local playback, image browsing, change passwords, and other functions.

  • SecuTech+


    SecuTech + software can have two access ways, one is free login is how the user password login.Software function and easy operation.Features: real-time watch, equipment management, remote playback, image management, and other functions.

  • Eseenet+




    Eseenet+ 软件能让用户通过手机观看和控制远程的DVR和摄像头。 软件特点: 可以通过WIFI和GPRS来进行观看(CMWAP除外) 支持多通道切换 支持图片查看 支持ip地址和动态域名访问 支持云台上下左右、聚倍聚焦以及光圈控 观看的时候可以进行现场抓拍...

  • MEyeProHD




    MEyeProHD supports multichannel, 4, 6 and 9 cameras simultaneously. MEyeProHD can expand your vision; control your monitoring device wherever you are. Besides, MEyeProHD has more functions as below: Support snapshot. Support record video. Support video preview and snapshot preview. Support...

  • vMEyeSuper




    *Please Use TCP PORT On this app, the default is 34567 NEW FEATURES: audio, alarm, playback vMEyeSuper allows iPhone users to view and control live video streams from cameras and video encoders. Pro version support more convenient settings & functions. Features include: iPhone and iPod...

  • MEye




    This soft can access and control DVR/Security cameras/IP Cameras. Watch live surveillance video streams - fast and simple. it can support most of the DVR made in china. it also support adnroid pda. - Compatible with all Android smartphones - Stream live video directly from your security devices -...

  • vMEyeSuperHD




    vMEyeSuperHD supports multichannel, 4, 6 and 9 cameras simultaneously. vMEyeSuperHD can expand your vision; control your monitoring device wherever you are. Besides, vMEyeSuperHD has more functions as below: Support audio PPT. Support remote playback, Support snapshot. Support record video....

  • 365SECU



  • HDEye




    HDEye软件是专门针对UMEye软件产品开发的软件。软件特点1、方便添加管理设备,支持局域 网搜索设备和手动添加2、无需任何更改,局域网广域网均可随时观看3、支持实时预览、云台控制、实时抓拍、实时录像等实用功能...

  • UMEye家庭版




    UMEye软件是专门针对UMEye监控产品开发的云监控软件 软件特点 1、全新的界面风格,全新的操作方式 2、独立账号,可直接手机端注册用户登录及密码修改 3、方便添加管理设备,支持局域网搜索设备和手动添加 4、无需任何更改,局域网广域网均可随时观看...

  • vMEyeCloud




    Based on vMEye Cloud Technology, which enables users to use mobile surveillance without difficult setting like port forwarding any more! You just need to plug the DVR or IPC, then register in vMEye Cloud Server then you can view the device via iOS devices. Advanced Features: Audio, remote...

  • UMEye




    UMEye软件是专门针对UMEye监控产品开发的云监控软件 软件特点 1、独立账号,可直接手机端注册用户登录及密码修改 2、方便添加管理设备,支持局域网搜索设备和手动添加 3、无需任何更改,局域网广域网均可随时观看...

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