• Pregnancy Ultrasound Simulator




    Make an ultrasound with your mobile phone and watch the baby of your pregnant girlfriend! Start the application and teach out the camera, the fun can begin... Of course there is this app is just a fun app, becuase it is technically not possible to ultrasound with a smartphone. But this did't...

  • 6.5

    Fingerprint Lock




    Prank your friends by making them think you have fingerprinting recognition on your phone

  • Police Radar Scanner




    Find with the free Police Radar Scanner every police officer in your neighborhood. Use the different sensors of your modern smart phones and bundled them to a signal on your screen in the form of radar. The Police Radar Scanner isn't only free but also legal! The best part is that this...

  • Alien Radar Simulator




    Find with Alien Radar extraterrestrial life forms in your environment, because we are not alone, the aliens are among us! UFOs also be displayed with the Alien scanner... Start the radar and the Alien detector scans your local area at lightning speed. If he finds an alien or an unidentified...

  • Traffic Light Control (Simu)




    Red lights are extremely unpopular among drivers. They cost especially on the way to work a lot of time. With this app, this is no longer a problem in the future. Many traffic lights are controlled remotely. The communication is carried out in the 2.4 GHz frequency range, a frequency similar to...

  • VIP Radar




    Find with the VIP radar celebrities in your area! This app detects all the stars around you, you know you from television, print and radio, and show them on radar screen. You can download the VIP radar scanner for your Android phone for a short time for free. To locate the celebrities around...

  • Mosquito Repellent




    Summertime is mosquito time! As soon as the temperatures rise, the pesky blood suckers come out of their hiding and are targeting between dusk and dawn on us humans. On rainy and humid days and especially in the tropical regions, some mosquito species are active even all the day. While the male...

  • Love Test Calculator




    Tests with the free LoveTestCalculator your love! A smart algorithm calculates how well you fits together and how strong your love is. The higher the value displayed, the more probable it is that you have found your true love and a partner with which you will stay together forever. The...

  • Sudoku++ (free)




    Solve more than 25,000 Sudoku puzzles divided into 5 levels of difficulty (from easy to extremely). Sudoku++ offers a clear, simple and modern design for all major resolutions. The easy operating concept honors this free app. Features of Sudoku++: - more than 25,000 different Sudokus - 5 levels...

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