• Assault Gun Sounds

    Assault Gun Sounds




    Download and test now , best assault guns simulator in market ! Six cool guns , with high quality sounds are now available for you , don't waste time. App contains six packet: -AK-47 -M4A1 -FAMAS -Galil -Sig 550 -Steyr AUG A1 You can shoot , reload , and click on white name to check basic...

  • Meme Battery Clock

    Meme Battery Clock




    Everyone love memes ! Now you can have great-looking clock, showing you time, with extra battery status !:) This widget includes : -Setting Alarm option -Showing actually battery status with 1 percent jump -all best meme faces with trollface, rageman face etc It's great mix of fun and...

  • Weapons - Shotguns

    Weapons - Shotguns




    Have you ever dreamed, about having a shotgun ? This app is for you ! Great shotgun simulator! 2 shotguns to pick , just select and enjoy , shot and reload, repeat and have fun from true shotguns sounds! Check this app and install it now !:) Shotguns : M3 XM1014

  • Weapons - Pistols 2

    Weapons - Pistols 2




    Install second part of best pistols simulator app in market , to enjoy new 6 guns ;) : -Colt -Magnum -Walther PPK -Para 1911 -Browning -Sig 220 Pick one , and have great fun , shot , reload , shot again :) Creating an app takes time and money, In order to keep creating great (and free!) apps,...

  • Meme Battery Widget PRO

    Meme Battery Widget PRO




    Do you want more memes, showing your battery status ? If you like meme faces , this widget is again for You ! 33 cool faces want to show Your current battery level, simply and with fun :) If you are meme fan , you must have it on homescreen. It's 2x2 widget size , because lot of users are...

  • Rainbow Battery

    Rainbow Battery




    Do You want on Your homescreen colorfull, stylish and elegance widget, which show's current battery status in great-looking format ? Now You can try new cool app, made for that :) Widget includes : - 1% percentage battery level jump - alarm setting option in - beautifull 24 colors palette -...

  • Meme Battery Widget

    Meme Battery Widget




    Do you want , to checking your battery level using funny memes faces ? Now you can have best battery widget in market , with all cool memes included. Me gusta , fuck yea, pokerface , trollface , all of them want to show your battery level now :) Install it , and have fun on your home screen now...

  • Weapons - Pistols

    Weapons - Pistols




    Gun Sounds Simulator!! Install this app , and test one of six cool guns : -Deagle -Glock -USP -Beretta -P228 Compact -FiveSeven Just pick and shoot , reload , and shoot again ! Nice pics, cool sounds , and lot of fun here! One of best app simulator in market , try it now and have fun !:) This...

  • Digital Battery Widget

    Digital Battery Widget




    Do you appreciate the elegance and simplicity? Do you like stylish widgets ? This widget is exactly for you !:) It's simple battery widget, which shows you currently battery level, also with options like Wifi/BT/GPS on/off , and alarm setting option . It's simple, stylish and great...

  • Dental Drill

    Dental Drill




    One of the most hated sounds from our childhood is now available here. - RRRrrrrRRRrrrr , oh stop it man , it makes me scary! Dental drill sound, use it to attack your enemies, and make them angry , or show this sound your childs ,to encourage to brush their teeth. Best dental drill is now here...

  • Poker Battery

    Poker Battery




    Are you a fan of poker games? Do You like to play poker chips in hand? Now you can have a widget poker chips, Which actually shows battery status :) If you have more battery, then better chip is shown on homescreen :) This widget also include options like Alarm Setting / BT / GPS / Wifi ON / OFF,...

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