Michael Asbeck

  • Körpergewichtsübungen Trainer




    Um Fit zu werden, gut auszusehen und extreme Kraft zu erlangen benötigt man weder teure Ausrüstung noch eine Fitnessstudio Mitgliedschaft. Mit den richtigen Übungen kann man mit nur dem Eigengewicht schnell, effektiv und gelenkschonend Fit werden, Muskeln aufbauen oder sogar den perfekten Sixpack...

  • Mental arithmetic trainer




    This trainer app helps you train your mathematical skills in three minute intervalls. The outcome is then evaluated in points. Right answers give you points, wrong answers cost points. You can view the statistics of your previous intervalls.

  • Money planer




    Keep track of your spending and your budget with this app.

  • IntFit Mobile Official




    IntFit is a online fitness and health community. Do you want to make your training more effective? Or do you want to lose weight or just want to live healthier? IntFit will help you with this. IntFit helps you saving your Workouts, your trainings plan, your diet plan, your progress and your...

  • Learning helper




    You can create and save learn cards with this app. Sort them easily by subject and topic. Use these cards to learn more effective than ever. Or just use them as Cheat Sheet. Now with study mode, where you can display Cards for a specific Subject in a random order.

  • Beleidigungs Generator




    Generiere Beleidigungen. Mehrere Tausend mögliche Beleidigungen! Wie gesagt, diese App generiert Beleidigende aussagen, wenn du eine niedrige Schmerzgrenze hast, bitte nicht herunterladen. Für alle anderen: Wenn dich mal jemand nervt, und du nicht weißt wie du ihn/sie nennen sollst, benutz...

  • Click counter




    With this counter you can count easily, just by clicking the screen. Never again mess in the middle of counting something.

  • Pushup Statistics and Coach




    Save your pushup workout results simply in this app. In order to achieve an optimal training result, you should workout no longer than 60 seconds, and rest between your sets. Hereby helps the built-in timer.

  • Notes - Notebook




    A simple notebook app. You can easily add new notes, edit and read them. Never forget anything again. Just write it down in a view seconds and save it for future reference.

  • Drop and Push




    Do you want to workout more, but can’t take enough time to do so? Are you having a bad time motivating yourself? Drop and Push sends you a notification in a period of time chosen by you. When you receive such a notification, you have to drop and do as many push ups as you can. With this you don’t...

  • Online Shopping List




    Never forget your shopping list at home again. With this app, you can add multiple shopping lists (for example Grocery, Cloth, Electronic... etc) and multiple groups (for example Home, Work, School, Clubs... etc) with multiple lists as well. You will never have to search for a pen and paper...

  • Contraceptive pill alarm




    This app helps you to remind you or a contact of you to take the contraceptive pill. If you or your better half takes the pill, it can be that someone forgets just it. If so, panic and stress breakes out. Don’t let that happen. Use this app and let it remind you. You can set a time at which you...

  • Der Mentalo




    Der Mentalo beantwortet deine Fragen.

  • Dice




    Roll the dice with this app.

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