Michael Chourdakis

  • Turbo GPS 3




    Welcome to Turbo GPS 3. This is a version newer, lighter and easier to work with, exploiting all the features of your GPS. Plus, it's compatible with Turbo GPS 2 waypoints/tracks/settings! New stuff: * Easier and more flexible waypoint and track manager: Allows mass editing, mass...

  • Face Attendance System




    This is a nice face attendance system for Android. The free edition allows for 2 working groups and 5 users. Try it before purchasing the unlimited version. Features: * Face detection of your employments. * Your employees enter and exit via single click and face recognition in main screen. *...

  • TurboIRC




    The ultimate IRC client, now for Android. FREE. * Newer interface, better for newer phones and tablets. * Unlimited IRC servers, channels, private queries. * Preinstalled setups for most known irc servers (efnet,dalnet,freenode etc). * HTML UTF-8 encoded chat. * Support for...

  • Turbo GPS 2




    IF RUNNING ANDROID 4+ , GET Turbo GPS 3!! https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.turboirc.tgps.v3 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The known all-in-one GPS for android, now in version 2. IF IT DOES NOT RUN IN YOUR PHONE:...

  • Παράκληση




    = GREEK ONLY = Μικρή και Μεγάλη παράκληση. Καλή προσευχή.

  • Banknote Collector


    The banknote collector's tool! Features: * Unlimited databases, banknotes * Auto-select currency by country * Import by photographing * Photograph : Ability to set zoom/flash/auto crop/ * Faces-first and Banknote by Banknote photograph modes. * Import existing JPGs * Auto-CROP for...

  • My Money




    An easy way to keep record of your expenses. All features are free, if you click on an ad, ads vanish for the current session. Supports: * Unlimited banks * Unlimited accounts to multiple currencies * Unlimited transactions * Over 100 currencies * BitCoin * Google Drive databases...

  • Fuel Βενζίνη Υγραέριο Online




    -GREEK APPLICATION ONLY- Μάθετε, με τις πληροφορίες του Υπ. Οικονομικών, τις τιμές των βενζινάδικων ανά νομό/δήμο. Διαθέσιμο και για iOS 5.0+. Έβαλα υγραέριο, τα δεδομένα είναι του υπουργείου. Υποστηρίζει πειραματικό χάρτη google με τις τοποθεσίες όταν είναι διαθέσιμες (η ακρίβεια εξαρτάται...

  • Athens Buses(Λεωφορεία Αθηνών)




    = ENGLISH AND GREEK= * All Athens Bus/Metro/Tram Lines. * All Stations with GPS locations. * Supports "goto" in a station with your GPS apps. * Shows lines in list and in map. * Can find "nearest" stations. * Greek names converted to English. * Augmented reality (can locate...

  • Athens Metro (Μετρό Αθηνών)




    Easy Way to find Athens Metro stations around. Features: * All 3 lines * List * Maps * GPS enabled, can sort with distance * Lines in construction. * "GPS Go to" enabled for navigation apps. * Augmented reality (can locate the station using your camera + gps).

  • GPS Sharing for Windows Sensor




    This application shares your Android Phone's GPS with the Windows 7/Windows 8 Sensor driver (http://www.turboirc.com/gps7) This allows you to share the GPS with any Sensor-enabled Windows 7 or Windows 8 Desktop/RT Application! For instructions, check my site, http://www.turboirc.com/gps7.

  • Dictee - Ear Training Complete




    The most flexible ear training - FREE. Includes: Interval comparison Interval identification Chord identification Chord progression Note identification Scale identification Time identification Modulation detection Melody detection Includes levels: Novice, Beginner,...

  • Easy BitStamp




    A quick and flexible way to trade bitcoins using BitStamp. Features: * Fast screen updates * Single - click buy/sell/status orders * Supports limit order timeouts * Alerts when BTC price higher/lower than set price. * Alerts when orders/balance are changed * Much more!

  • Ακάθιστος Ύμνος (Χαιρετισμοί)




    GREEK ONLY ========== Όλοι οι ύμνοι σε συλλογή. Η προσευχή βοηθάει.

  • Φαρμακεία Εφημερεύοντα Greek




    == GREEK APPLICATION == Εφημερεύοντα φαρμακεία Αττικής,Πειραιά και Θεσσαλονίκης από τα αντίστοιχα fsa.gr,fsp.gr και fsth.gr. = DISCLAIMER = Δεν φέρω αποκλειστικά καμία ευθύνη για την εγκυρότητα ή όχι των παραπάνω πηγών. Οι πληροφορίες που παρουσιάζονται από το πρόγραμμα προέρχονται από τα...

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