Michael Haar

  • MobileWebCam




    Use your Android as a simple mobile webcam, gsm camera or cloudcam via WIFI or Mobile Network! The picture stored in the cloud can be watched from everywhere with a browser or for example my App WebLiveWallpaper. Upload picture with various methods like http, ftp or Dropbox, send it with email...

  • WebLiveWallpaper BETA




    Display your favourite pictures, animations, webcams, galleries and websites as a live wallpaper! Create your own personal (animated) wallpaper with JavaScript! *NOTE: If you are having trouble, first consult the FAQ (Developer Website below).* *For bugs, extra help, feature requests and general...

  • AutoShare




    Share content like text, links or images via email, httppost, ftp, sftp, Dropbox or Box without further user interaction. No need to enter the target email adress every time you want to share something. Share offline: Delayed WIFI only sharing is possible. Like Google+ share your photos...

  • Knuddel's Quest




    A puzzle-adventure game. Bobble ball hero "Knuddel" has been captured by aliens. Now he must escape from his prison through the alien space station. Avoid the bad monsters, their machines, pick up and use items, solve puzzles and much more. No easy task, but with good luck and some...

  • Knuddel's Lights




    An addictive little logic-switch game. Result of my little smallest-ok-game-contest tonight. Target was to publish another android minigame in two hours. It took about three but there is even some little value and fun in the game. It also is an ad-game for the Hero Knuddel from my other game...

  • MiniMinigolf




    Play more minigolf on 18 new holes! Beat the top worldwide players records or your own. This game is based on my other minigolf game Knuddel's Minigolf but it will not feature the character Knuddel. PLEASE READ ingame instructions on how to play! Some Tips: + You do not have to touch the...

  • Knuddel's Minigolf




    Knuddel's Minigolf is a miniature-golf-game for the whole family. 36 minigolf-courses with 'Knuddel' (hero of my game Knuddel's Quest) and his friends. Beat the top worldwide players records or your own. PLEASE VIEW ingame instructions! This is no simulation game but fun:...

  • MJpeg Viewer




    Watch mjpeg video streams on your phone! Attention: The linked example website in the stub app is not mine - so it can be offline or removed any time. Google for 'mjpeg' or 'axis cgi' if you do not have your own camera for example. This enables you to open mjpeg video stream in...

  • PlasmaLiveWallpaper




    Simple colorful plasma retro demo effect animated live wallpaper. Psychedelic but calming visual effect - listen some nice trance music and enjoy. I tried the android ndk and this is the result.

  • USSD Stop Dialer




    Prevent your phone from calling malicious phone numbers from websites! Checks and shows numbers before dialing. USSDs can still be manually dialed after the first block! No permissions required. This app is open source: http://code.google.com/p/ussd-stop/ What is USSD? Read on wikipedia...

  • picofday




    This Live Wallpaper lets you select your daily wallpaper source and will automatically update your background image for you every day. Wallpapers can be used from Sites like: * Astronomy Picture of the Day (NASA) * Star Trek * Earth Science * EarthShots * Kodak * Wikipedia * bing * TIME * LIFE *...

  • Knuddel's Swapper




    This is a little puzzle game, where you have to swap pieces to destroy all same colored, ... Clear the field! Try to beat the other players from all around the world and put your name on top of the highscore table! This game is a test of some new functions to be used Knuddel's Quest - a much...

  • Labyrinth




    Watch a simple labyrinth growing as your wallpaper (or app). If you like labyrinths or watch algorithms work you may like this. Very simple. No settings.

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