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Good Student

These are my various notes on good practices and habits of being a good student, intended for the college or university crowd. I'm a UVU student in Orem, UT, Please give me any feedback on what I should add to this application. michael.webdev@gmail.com

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Military Operations on Urban Terrain [MOUT]. This book contains information on the Army manual for MOUT, Offense, Defense, Demolition, and Weapon employment. If you have any suggestions on how to improve this app please let me know via e-mail/

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Modern d20 SRD

Modern d20 System Reference Document (SRD), this includes the information for Arcana and Advanced. This includes: Legal Information The Basics Ability Scores Allegiances Occupations Reputation Wealth Defense Saving Throws Action Points Death, Dying, and Healing Conditions Summary Environment and Hazards Basic Classes Advanced Classes I Advanced Cla…

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HTML ref

A very simple HTML ref for my personal use, I plan on adding to it constantly and ask that any who uses it to give me feedback on what to add. Thank you. HTML: * Basics * Text * Links * Images

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PHP ref

This is my personal reference for php and I will continue to add to it. Right now I cover: * Basics * Variables * Operators * Conditional Statements I also have a HTML ref and will soon have a CSS ref Any comments please send to michael.webdev@gmail.com

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Harts Office - Powerpoint 2010

This is a through tutorial for Powerpoint 2010 Updates will happen once a week until it is close to 50 MB

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Binary Hex Converter

This little calculator will convert a decimal number to Binary, Hexadecimal, and Octal! Perfect for the Computer Science student! Even does two's compliment in Binary and translates them in hex and octal! Please send any feedback to michael.webdev@gmail.com

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Soldier's Common Tasks

This has the STP 21-24-SMCT Manual for U.S. Soldiers. Soldier's Manual of Common Tasks Skill Levels 2, 3, and 4 All of Skill Level 2 is done, Skill level 3 is partly done, and will have skill level 1 in a few weeks from today 9/4/2010. Please give me any and all feedback.

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College Notes

These are my college notes, the app is rather rough right now, but soon it will have economics, sociology, ethics and values, and whatever other college notes that I find that I want in the app.

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