Michael yos

  • Number Puzzle Classic




    Base on the wood or plastic board game press, do not drag. have fun!

  • Call Log Report Generator




    Build your own reports from Call Log and export them to csv/excel Make any custom report ,filter and sort by name,number,dates,call type and duration. System reports sums summarize by call type ,contact,month. All reports can be export to CSV file.

  • Contact Number Fix




    This App is very simple and powerful - Perfect for travelers and for those who calls abroad You select contacts with numbers to fix Edit the select numbers together Country code is also available The new numbers will be saved to the contacts You can also restore last change - but only the...

  • Call Log Statistics




    This app summarize the call log for all contacts by call type and by contact. Filter all App screens by dates. Contact's calls details. Contact's call list. Export lists to CSV file. Option to Not answered Mode: additional call type "Not Answered" ("Outgoing" with...

  • Random Variable Generator




    Random Variable Generator is a statistical application designed for drawing a random sample from the most common statistical distributions: Normal, Binomial, Uniform, etc. The user can choose the distribution and the size of the random sample and the result is printed on the screen and can be...

  • Sun and Moon Light Clock




    Southern Hemisphere - the earth rotate clockwise Northern Hemisphere - the earth rotate counter clockwise Sun light and Moon light increase when the Sun\Moon high in the sky Shows Sun\Moon Rise\Set

  • Dining Room


    Kibutz Grofit Dining Room menu and information

  • Dogs Parks in Tel Aviv




    Dogs Parks in Tel Aviv

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