Michal Bukáček

  • SOMA TicTacToe




    SOMA TicTacToe is scientific experiment, evolutionary algorithm in the game. Designed for experimental use, representing the state space search using evolutionary SOMA algorithm. Here are rules of this game for repeats: First player who has five same symbols (crosses or circles) in a horizontal,...

  • TicTacToe




    Singleplayer or Multiplayer via Internet (global), or Bluetooth, or one device, global statistics, skins, different levels of difficulty and more and more. Many opponents in the game. TicTacToe is classic Gomoku game we know from school. Here are rules for repeat: player who manages placing 5...

  • Destroy Aliens




    You are pilot a spaceship and your mission is to destroy all enemy ships aliens in each level. As a pilot you have an infinite number of rounds in the gun, a limited number of rockets, activation of the shield, which you for some time protects against enemy missiles or bonus in the form of a...

  • Destroy Aliens - Wallpaper




    Funny promo background of the game Destroy Aliens (space mission). Watch as the meteorites collide with each other and with Aliens! The number of meteorites and Aliens can be changed in the settings. The movement of stars change depending on the position of the phone. When you click on the area,...

  • Travel LogBook




    It is a program to saving your actual GPS position at regular intervals. Saving is done directly in HTML format on your external memory card in your phone. The map is then shown on phone to see your route through which you are moving. At each step measurements can insert a comment on the way or...

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