Micro Teddy

  • Love Chaser




    Waking up from his long slumber Romeo had just realized that he had lost his eternal love, Juliet. Help Romeo pursue the love of his life and navigate him chase his paramour through daring adventure in his pursuit of love! Will Romeo finally regain his long lost love? Join Romeo in this...

  • Brick Princess




    Who is the best Princess of The Brick Kingdom? Select from six princesses and pick the one you think is best. Beat all the levels and be the best Princess there is. Compete with friends with daily ranking, and worldwide rank. Do you have what it takes? Enter the magical time in the world of...

  • Christmas Onrush




    It's 24 hours before Christmas Eve! All Christmas presents accidently fell down and scattered all over the town before it's due to be delivered. Santa sent Hugo the Elf, a Santa helper, to collect all the missing presents. Help Hugo the Elf to amass all those gifts by your fingertip in...

  • Shuriken Of The South




    A long, long time ago, there was a land of the rising sun in the eastern world we called Japan, with its Southern Kingdom. Unknown masked soldiers had attacked the kingdom and abducted their princesses. Every one was panic-stricken, even the king had no idea what he should do. But wait! All was...

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